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  1. I think so too... I'll drop them a PM. Thanks matey.
  2. I have searched through all the pages and can only find one charge over the past 6 years which relates to what you are saying - i think it was a bounced check "REVERSAL" charge. Other than this there does not seem to be any other charges only "DR INTEREST" every month. I have almost always been over or at the brink of my overdraft.
  3. Hi fellow justice fighters, I have just received my HSBC statements for the last 6 years. I have had a graduate OD running in this period and have exceeded it numerous times. However I cannot find any charges that relate to this on my statements. The only charge the bank seems to be taking are the "DR INTEREST" Charges - and these vary month to month. Is it these that I add up? Many Thanks
  4. Hi fellow consumers, Just sent off my data protection request for my loan account and current account. Will keep you up to speed KR Tommy
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