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  1. Thanks for that. If anyone was to start a GLOS, I'd be keen on joining. Had a surprise on collecting my focus from it's annual service, they replaced the TCM module as part of a recall from Ford. I was getting juddering which was supposedly down to the clutch pack (despite it only being 18 months since it was last replaced) but the juddering problem seems to have stopped. No explanation was given from the main dealer. i just spotted it on the paperwork over the weekend so will give them a call tomorrow.
  2. I just got fobbed off and off. Tried to follow Hammy's advice which was PM'ed to me and got sent round in circles by ford. The clutch needed replacing and I've had continuing juddering issues at 6 months and 13 months. Now at 18 months it is due back for a service to my ford dealer and I will ask for it to be diagnosed. I have little confidence in engaging with Ford to treat this as a warranty repair even through it was reported as a fault at 6 months after the new clutch. I hate my car. Simple. Will likely never buy another ford again.
  3. Now had a letter confirming no goodwill on basis it is significantly outside the warranty. No mention of being a few days outside the extended warranty which was my main point all along. Will email the customer centre back and ask for confirmation of the escalation path.
  4. First step will be retune the tv. Our freeview box seems to be ok so assume its not an aerial issue. Tv is only 5 months old so hopefully hasnt got an issue.
  5. This is the link to the original bbc article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-41836518
  6. It was reported in the press last week that Freeview was experiencing signal problems due to adverse weather conditions. Around this time we were losing reception on BBC1 or ItV for several seconds or more. The freeview advice was not to retune the tv and once these specific weather conditions cleared, reception would be back to normal. We're still getting signal drop out. Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same?
  7. Check the paperwork - did your friend take out a new contract with a minimum term agreement when adding sky Q? Plenty of stories online about persistence paying off with dealing with Sky, particularly if you have been a long term customer.
  8. Can you register to administer her account online? I've done this for an elderly relative for whom I have Power of Attorney, although not for Virgin. Usually all it takes info that you already know such as date of birth address, customer number etc. once registered online, initiate the cancellation or use an online chat to cancel. You should be able to pass security checks. now this is a bit of a sneaky method but as I'm sure you know , with dementia, even putting a relative on the phone is challenging for them to understand what the CS operator is asking. Good luck.
  9. Standard auto generated email response from CS in response to my request for a written reply to my original email to customer services. So far only had the verbal comment as mentioned in the post above that it was outside of the warranty. Apparently in their email response there will be details of how I can escalate further as they refused to do that on the phone.
  10. I assume that it wasnt a first 'offence'. I had a letter through on my first offence (which occurred as i went a different route to see family). I was given the option of paying asap and avoiding a fine for a first time infringement of the rules. It sure makes you think again when you next go that way I find. How did you get on in the end?
  11. and good point about it being a standard template letter, it very much had the look of something that was populated in a number of different places with the customer details.
  12. thanks fkofilee will take a look tonight.
  13. How many searches have been made recently? one credit application in 2017 and a car insurance quote - would that trigger a search? What is your current credit available/credit used percentage? I have no outstanding credit owed on cards, I don't have other loans or store cards, and no other debt other than a mortgage which has always been up to date. How long have you lived at your current address? 5.5 years at existing address and 7 years at the previous address. My partner is the only linked name and her credit score is the maximum. Been on electoral roll for many years.
  14. I didnt read the guide - I thought it was to do with finding out which forum to post in, doh! Will take a look. All of the criteria listed by Disgruntled2007 are all positive and I can see that from the credit report itself.
  15. Good luck FS. I will update this thread once I have heard back from Ford CS.
  16. I agree Gick - although hopefully hammy has helped the fiesta owner. It appears Ford do not like making it easy for people to raise a complaint, and the escalation process is similarly not easy.
  17. Forgot to say....I'm not expecting credit as a 'right' but what I am expecting is some transparency as to why the application was declined when my credit history as pretty much as strong as it gets - there were no negatives in the entire credit file - which I have checked out by subscribing to the credit reference agency direct. If I don't meet other criteria for Amex, that is fine but to state a reason that doesn't appear to be correct is the issue.
  18. @disgruntled2007 The credit reference agencies use a scoring system to indicate how strong your credit profile is. Without naming the agency on a public forum, my score was 98% out of a max of 100%. That's a pretty high score but Amex are citing an adverse credit report as the main reason for declining the application. This is what I don't understand and wanted to see if anyone else had experienced something similar.
  19. I recently applied for an Amex card to help spread the cost of a large house repair bill. Amex declined my application and specifically cited adverse information in the specific credit reference report. I have applied direct to the credit reference agency and my credit score is 98% and there are no negatives on the credit file. Has anyone come across this before? (apologies if this is posted in the wrong place but I couldnt see an American Express sub forum in the Banks, finance and credit forum. ) I thought it might be linked to my partner so we applied for her credit report and it is a 100% score so I cannot see why Amex would use this as a reason to decline the application.
  20. Did the liquidator offer any insight? Once companies go into liquidation, you typically find yourself in a queue of creditors - the liquidator report should indicate if there are other creditors.
  21. It does look like a situation where it would need someone to take up the legal case and then get others affected behind it which is what happened in the US and Australia with class action lawsuits against Ford - hence the longer extended warranty and greater level of support that ford offer in those countries However, I'm going to continue going through the Cust Services route until the case has been suitably escalated.
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