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  1. In the instance the child had a specific diagnosis A at age 4. The school refused statement/echp. Parents emailed council ( school council run) and council refused as school refused to report it. Parents repeatedly asked community Paedreatrics ( who child was under) and school for child to be assessed for B and both refused and ignored parents Response to Complaint to NHS states that any assessment for condition B should have accessed by a referral via the school, and states the school repeatedly insisted child had nothing wrong. New paediatric team have confirmed child has c
  2. They are about 1500 out of pocket. If the child was diagnosed in time the child would have had appropriate therapy etc in time and would not be so far behind in school. Parents have to pay for tuition etc to help catch up. Luckily child is intellectually very bright and with correct help will succeed. Child has missed a full year of school also. Parents are very angry. It has turned their lives upside down
  3. Apologies for the title, where do I start Child was under community Paedreatrics for a number of years for a specific condition. Parents repeatedly raise separate issues which go ignored. At the same time child is a victim of bullying in school which school do not address. Parents repeatedly also ask for statement of educational needs for child. This is also refused. Bullying of child becomes physical and is still not addressed. Parents remove child from school. Unable to secure a new school place, parents move. Under new health specialists and new school. Parents di
  4. Family are sending Tesco deliveries at the moment for food. I can’t make any loan payments as they have withheld details of where to send the money etc I don’t have it anyway. I have requested those details 2 from them via email which they have acknowledged but nothing is forthcoming. I don’t even have an up to date statement showing any balance owed as I presume them having withheld 2k it may be cleared in full as interest would be adjusted for early repayment
  5. Work have completely shut down and are not communicating with me or pi solicitor. Court papers are being filed next week
  6. The loan payments were completely up to date. There was an agreement for them to deduct that exact amount from my salary at source on a monthly basis. My solicitor is a PI solicitor only and did refer me to employment solicitor who reviewed everything and said I do have a case for ET but it’s not economical to pursue via solicitor as costs would outweigh the award. The PI solicitor can only include this as what they have done has had further health implications but Work and insurance have not issued a response other than acknowledgement of the claim and paperwork to schedule a court date is
  7. Sorry for the late reply, my internet service has been disconnected as I can’t pay for it. I had given my work contract and car loan agreement to both Acas and solicitor. There is nothing in the contract or agreement allowing them to do what they have done. There is a paragraph in the agreement that does discuss leaving during the term which states payments as agreed must be maintained until the loan is repaid in full
  8. Apologies I have had no internet for a few days now. I have been told by 2 employment Solicitors and ACAS that they are in the wrong regarding withholding the pay My more immediate concern is the way they processed the holiday pay. They processed the holiday pay after they had even issued my p45. They initially paid it against the loan without deducting the tax and ni. They then took it off in April and made the necessary page and ni deductions and put it back on the loan This is now showing as a payment on the system and as a result I cannot get any benefit entitleme
  9. Thanks it looks like this will be the case unfortunately
  10. It was a vehicle that I needed for traveling from site to site and to have this vehicle was a requirement of the role along with specific insurance regarding equipment etc The engine of my initial vehicle I had blew after a few years and Work had a scheme for low interest finance with conditions against the allowances that could be claimed for mileage fuel etc Unfortunately the vehicle will have to go as i can no longer drive a manual and cannot drive at all at the moment due to medication etc. There were less then 6 months payments left on it out of 5 years. The usual proc
  11. thanks for the reply. The union are not backing me. They prevented me pursuing an ET against employer day 1 and I missed the initial time limit and that is why I had to get a solicitor to do PI claim I am taking the separate ET claim for the wages myself although it was reviewed by the employment dept at PI Solicitors office first. It’s not economical to get a solicitor but due to the other case they review for free. Cannot get a credit card as credit is poor as missed payments etc due to long term sick
  12. Out sick from work long term due to Work injury ( employer negligence) Left work due to illness and employer withheld final wages and payment in lieu of holidays p45 was issued Their reason was a loan to purchase equipment needed for that role in Work and the loan was not finished. There is currently a PI claim in place. Went down the early conciliation route with ACAS and employer refused to engage so ET filed. At this point employer must have realised they had applied the holiday pay directly to the loan to clear the loan and no deducted tax and ni from it. I have had to
  13. No as I’m trying to establish who do it send it too. I’m tearing my hair out at the moment.
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