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  1. All went ok dx, thanks for asking. Sent back signed Joint Motion. Spoke to clerk who confirmed the case is now dismissed. Thanks for all your help.
  2. No, I don't want to go back to court lol. I just had doubts trusting them. I'll sign the form and get it sent off. Thanks very much for your help dx.
  3. Do you think I should accept then? If so, I've to sign a Joint Motion. They say I won't have to attend the further hearing, the action will simply be dismissed and they will close their file in this matter. Thanks for your time.
  4. Hi dx, another update I've received a letter from solicitor offering to dismiss the action with no expenses due. The offer is made without admission to liability and I have seven days to accept. If I don't accept they say they have prepared further adjustments and a rule 22 note. Any thoughts?
  5. Yes I mean sisted. when I go back in 4 weeks I should ask for the case to be dismissed. If the sheriff agrees, will that be the end of it? because you're right dx they will have had long enough (over 4 months) to find the paperwork. Thanks
  6. Hi, just an update. When I was called forward I was still getting into the right place to stand but Nolans (or local rep?) had already starting talking so I missed the beginning but he was saying I hadn't done something properly, not sure what. The sheriff said about it being prescribed by time. Nolans said as their client was not the original creditor it would take time to get all the details, he said about sisting the case or continuing it at a later date. The sheriff asked me if I just wanted it shelved for the time being or to come back in 4 weeks to give them time
  7. A note of any Preliminary pleas that I wish to insist on, mine being the account is statute barred.
  8. Hi dx, sorry not been online. I forgot my sign on details then couldn't find my thread. Put my defences in using statute barred above. Pursuer asked me to prove that I did not make that payment in 2012 but from reading online I believe it's up to them to prove that I did. I've to put in my Rule 22.1 then got my Options Hearing in just over a week, will update after that. Thanks
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