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  1. Had a new letter today from CRS, the bill now is over £170, from £9.99!! Im getting sick off them, where can i lodge a complaint?
  2. Hi all. First off thanks Slick and for all the responses. I cancelled online via the cancellation page. When I spoke to the gym (one of the many calls) the lady at the gym looked at my account and confirmed my cancellation, and this was before I started getting the letters but after the the firsts text. I wish I had found you before all this happened but the cancellation page was there on the members area and seemed the right way to go? I also want to mention when I rang Harlands the guy I spoke to was very short/aggressive with me. I wont be speaking to any of the
  3. Hi all. I recently cancelled my X4Less membership after 12mths of not realy using it due to bad health. All was fine, untill my mother who does my finances cancelled my DD before the 30 cancellation period. It was a mix up in communications. i started getting texts saying i owed £10. It threw me as i didn't know why? After repeated phone calls to the gym and harlands, we got to the mistake. My cancellation had all gone through but my mother had accidentally cancelled the DD after a week or so as i told her i had cancelled. So, the txts gave me a number to pay
  4. Hi all. I had a 12mth contract with x4less. After the 12mths was up i cancelled. All was fine, then started getting txts saying i owed £10? apparently my DD was cancelled, they gave me a number to ring and pay. for weeks i tried to ring and pay this £10 to no avail, kept ringing and ringing untill i got a message saying 'all our representatives are busy, please leave a message' I left multible messages with my details saying i wanted to pay. for weeks i tried and got more texts. Rang the gym, harlands, emailed gym, the manager never did i
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