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  1. Final blow was being shouted at by line manager in a rather derogatory tone, resignation was submitted and notice is being worked currently
  2. Demotion, breach of contract, withdrawl of occupational health reccomendations, discrimination in terms or flexi working mine was revoked however another was allowed same team same working hours. Mine was in place 14 months before being revoked was revoked to allow promotion only for another colleague to be promoted on her flexi weeks later.
  3. PILON was just notice period but it's shown me they don't see any prospect of repairing the relationship. The evidence is against them and I want to propose a PILON payment of 6 months salary and I'm gone
  4. Background 4 years service continuous, rocky employment. Currently working my notice period due to evident constructive dismissal. Despite a grievance being submitted with my resignation no investigation has been commenced and a meeting was held where i was offered a PILON payment to leave that day. How do I approach a settlement agreement proposal with the employer it's an evident breakdown and It will save a lengthy tribunal process
  5. your complaint about IN-SYNC Credit Services Ltd Thank you for waiting while I’ve been looking into your complaint. I’ve now looked at all the information that you and IN-SYNC Credit Services Ltd (IN-SYNC) have given us. Based on what I’ve seen, I can’t reasonably suggest that IN-SYNC has irresponsibly lent to you and have dealt with your complaint unfairly – so I can’t ask it to do anything further. I’ve explained below why, taking into account everything that’s been provided as evidence. your complaint in summary You stated in your complaint letter to IN-SYNC t
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