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  1. There definitely is no concrete proof in any poll. If proof of how rubbish and misleading they are, just take the in/out referendum polls. they all said there would be a massive remain vote and it turned out the exact opposite.
  2. How is mine misleading, it was claimed that the US only has 20 trade deals but it has hundreds, 20 of them are Free trade deals. Those are government figures so come on then smartarse backup your crap
  3. That's very misleading, they have 20 FREE trade agreements, they also have trade agreements with around another 100 countries
  4. I wouldn't agree to sod all from him or even talk to him if he don't send that woman back.
  5. Just like Marxist Corbyn, excuse after excuse after excuse. You just don't want to admit someone else is right. That is the action of a coward.
  6. See, you have done it again, just like the anti-Semitic Labour party, you have refused to answer a single question. Just typical of you.
  7. 1. Did the nation vote to leave the EU or not ? 2. Are Labour opposing that ? 3. Is Labour calling for another referendum ? 4. Is labour going to negotiate a new Brexit deal, (even though they don't know what the present one is), and put it to the people in a referendum and then campaign against the deal they have just negotiated ?
  8. There are nutters on here claiming their posts are true and non more so than a certain tobyjug. Why won't you ever answer a question and just debate, why do you always have to be so rude because someone speaks out against you ?
  9. READ THE LINK AGAIN, it is what was said in the House of Lords so it you don't believe it then ask him to prove it.
  10. The whole thread is utter bollox with all your claims that the Tories will do this and Johnson will do that. You are a typical undemocratic Lefty remoaner who is throwing his toys out of the pram because you can't get your own way.
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