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  1. What trade benefits, you keep on saying this but never explain what they are ?? Do you always have to be so disgusting with your language
  2. That is rubbish written up in 2013 and is not fact as the document itself say " the facts suggest" - see that 'suggest' quote London 1971 - Polls Closed for the EU Referendum 1289 days, 19 Hours and 8 minutes ago. Since then I have not heard one solid , good reason for leaving. unquote You've heard non-stop whinging though from those remoaners, especially those on here, who don't like the legitimate result and are anti democratic. Why don't you start a movement to try and overturn the result of the general election.
  3. Yep, ok all gang up on me - but I will always be one up because we are leaving so no matter what you say, we are out. A deal! Maybe not, they have to agree a trade deal as well, it's not all on the UK to come up with the details. And if they cannot come up with anything then we leave with no deal. So you will just have to lump it and enjoy Bojo for 5 glorious years Why are trade deals around the world just an assertion ?
  4. I'm aware of Monnet, he was a very clever man and foresaw the real meaning and what would happen in the eu, he was correct. You have still not come up with anything good about remaining
  5. Scotland said they wanted to do it to stop the increase in drunkenness and suicide attributed to alcohol so does that mean the EU doesn't give a toss about the people of Scotland.
  6. Since 1980, the EU has firmly established itself as the world’s slowest growing region, with widespread economic stagnation. For more than a quarter of a century, the EU’s economic growth has fallen well below that of the UK and the rest of the industrialised world.
  7. Minimum alcohol price in Scotland breaches EU law, court rules The European court has ruled that the Scottish government’s plan to impose a blanket minimum price for alcohol is in breach of EU free-trade laws. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/dec/23/minimum-alcohol-price-in-scotland-could-breach-eu-law-court-rules
  8. It's a protectionist trading bloc They seriously misallocates resources - 40% goes to farmers but only 1% of GDP is attributable to agriculture It's a political project that is fundamentally anti-democratic As made clear by Jean Monnet - "Europes nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation" The folly of the introduction of the euro
  9. We pay in more than we get back which is obvious really as how else is the maintenance and wages of the non-elected going to be paid
  10. Access to the single market without tariffs - You don't know that we wont get that. Keeping the Good Friday agreement alive - That has nothing to do with the EU Maintaining workers rights - Already agreed and stated that 'all' rights etc would be taken into UK law and debated one at a time Maintaining levels of animal husbandry - No reason why that should change and who says it will? Letting people visit mainland Europe without needing a visa - Not required if you are a tourist Keeping the US out of our health service - Not defined enough what you mean
  11. You say that but you have not shown one single proof of anything you claim. You call on all the others multiple time for proof but you yourself never offers any proof of anything. Your above answer shows to me that you have no reason to remain and can show no benefits of remaining.
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