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  1. I do not understand how the DWP can refuse a copy of this recording in order for them to investigate. Sending a lba is something I am not able to do at the moment due to mental health. I can send lba but can not follow it with court action. It seems the only way I can take DWP to account is to hopefully pursue court at a later date as and when I am able to do so.... I was hoping for advice on how to make DWP treat this complaint with merit and actually investigate it without fobbing me off
  2. Sorry, can't help with your question. To go off on tangent - I have googled if council debts are included in bankruptcy, the quick info I got was that only some benefits payments are included. Maybe its possible that this debt is included in bankruptcy?
  3. Basically, if the person being complained about (data breach) is so confident that she did not cause a data breach, then she would give permission for me to send a copy of the telephone recording. She will not give me this permission. DWP have asked that I stop contacting them about this problem.
  4. I have sent a transcript of the recording, (many times) in addition to me offering a copy of recording (many times). DWP responded with derisory letter and special payment of £25 which was in respect of 3 different complaints, the data breach being one of them. I then find out in SAR audit trails that when interviewed about data breach complaint, the CEO staff denied data breach. DWP will not accept my copy of the telephone recording which is needed to uphold my complaint of data breach. DWP responded saying they can not accept this phone recording as trade union says they
  5. i am assuming your first vet gave you generic medicine as this is cheaper for you instead of branded vet medicine. your first vet says that the overdose was fine and not detrimental to your rabbit. if you have medical information (say from the second vet) to negate the response from your first vet then you could argue this and possibly request refund of second vets bills, refund / payment for second vets bills to come from your first vet? hope your rabbit has a speedy recovery
  6. I have tried to convince DWP that the recording is evidence. I have tried to do this through a lot of emails and telephone calls. DWP wrote to me today to ask that I stop contacting them in relation to this complaint. DWP are refusing to accept a copy of my recording as evidence of a data breach. From October, they replied with special payment team making payment in respect of the data breach £25, however, I find out from SAR audit notes that this was incorrect. THey simply implied this in an effort to thwart my complaint. From November (my escalated complaint) until Febr
  7. Update from DWP earlier: My understanding is that as I did not say to the person that the call was recorded (even though DWP have been previously aware all calls are recorded automatically) then the person who was recorded needs to give permission for me to share a copy of the call with DWP? Is this right? Does she need to give permission for me to share a copy of call recording? The DWP CEO staff has said that she does not give permission for me to share a copy of the call recording which kind of speaks volumes in itself. If she had nothing to hide, then she would not have
  8. October 3rd 2017, I inform DWP of a data breach which occurred during a phone call from their CEO office. DWP asked my dad security questions (he gave his answers) and blindly accepted these answers despite them being different from mine. They then disclosed personal information to my dad, that my complaint from a few years ago had not been upheld. This is a data breach. DWP will not investigate this data breach (despite me offering them copy of telephone recording on several occasions). It has taken DWP from 3rd October 2017 until February 2018 to let me know that they are not
  9. I am not so sure if there are files in head office as you say, I've seen in SAR audit trails that crt tier 1 suggested to tier 2 that there be a dedicated person to deal with my complaints. (There are many complaints as I intend to document most instances of maladministration, also each complaint usually leads to tangents of comlpaints). I have asked union for the info and they are in communication with me (they haven't ignored). They have contacted DWP to find out who informed them of this. - Cynically, i suspect its just the usual DWP mistruths. I've offered copy of call t
  10. i have an abundance of documents over several years showing maladministration and lies. i've not published them as yet, but intend to. hi, do you have any updates? If you are going to job centre to claim JSA, maybe ask to see disability advisor in a private room (i found this somewhat helped for me)
  11. I have reported to ICO and also offered them a copy of the recording. I have parliamentary ombudsman papers for earlier matter and am hoping to raise entirety of my complaint through them also. Many complaints have been sent. The most serious complaint could be any from the following: 1. In 2011 a complaint was ignored for several months of non payment. DWP refused to answer my letters of concern and European Court ruling saying I should be declared as habitual resident upon my return to UK. Eventually concern answered by an area manager who agreed with court ruling (and he pu
  12. mrpopperspenguins, im saddened to read your post. i have been through 3 such assessments, the first I considered lies to be told. So, the second assessment I have asked for it to be recorded. They only did a partial recording. So the third assessment i've just had, they have done a full recording. I can only suggest that for your future assessments you notify them that you wish for it to be recorded in full. Then you can rely on something to complain if there are differences between the oral recording and the written report. Good luck with your appeal.
  13. unfortunately its parents number and despite them being asked to remove it 2 years ago, then quoting data protection to ask them to remove it, then quoting equality act and mentioning my mental health in an attempt to remove it, then me sending them a letter claiming harassment, they apologise and say they remove the number. then 2 years later they call me, also they make data breach. can the trade union be allowed to tell DWP not to accept a copy of my call?
  14. I have a final response letter from them which says they are taking their colleagues word as truth over mine and that they cant investigate and listen to a copy of my phone recording as the trade union says they should not do this. So trade union is preventing my complaint from being investigated. I do not wish to start legal action as its more stress and worry and hoping to receive advice here which I can use, so DWP will be forced to investigate.
  15. i have a truecall box from this site, its great. but just so you know - DWP have recently told me that they can not listen to a copy of my call recording because their trade union has told them its not allowed.
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