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  1. Hi I have had a claim in against Nat West for £5k for over 12 months, which finally came to a head in July when the judge ordered both parties to attend court for a directions hearing. Needless to say Nat West did not show up. The judge then ordered them to respond within 14 days to state whether they will be defending the action or not, and the letter clearly stated that if they failed to respond by the 5th July it will be ordered that they have to pay up. Nat West did not respond to this deadline and i finally thought i had won by default as they had failed to respond a second time
  2. i was due to 'win' my case v natwest at wigan county court as they did not respond before the deadline set by the judge, then i received a letter from nat west saying they were staying until the outcome of the OFT, which was confirmed by the judge!! how can they state that if a bank does not respond before the deadline the claimant will win, then go back on this?
  3. Hello, i have been chasing Nat West for several months and have submitted my claim online with MCOL. I have had response from Court saying Cobbetts had filed a defence then a letter to say it had been moved from Nottingham to my local court. I then received a request from Cobbetts for the AQ & Schedule of my claim, which i am delivering to court for the deadline on wednesday 14th march. I have no idea what i am doing but have filled the AQ in and copied the schedule which they already have. Any advice on what to expect next? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I have filed court action against Nat West via Monay Claim Online and received back a letter from Northampton County Court which is "an acknowledgement of service has been filed" and the defendant has 28 days to file a defence. As you would expect this is with Cobbets in Manchester. Do i need to do anything now or just wait till they file a defence? The date they received this was 5th Feb 2007 so 28 days from there makes their defence due by 5th March. Any help on what i need to do would be appreciated.
  5. sorry all, i had previousley posted on this site with prior details but i think i hijacked someone elses post!! That said, firstly i sent letter to request all my statements and paid them £10. Having received these i worked out the charges & interest then sent them the 2nd letter asking for this back, to which they replied tellig me that they did not agree with the OFT ruling and would not be paying back etc. They said this was in line with my agreement with them. I then sent LBA and 14 days has just expired and i have not heard anything. I have started to register on money
  6. Hi All Having decided to claim back the charges by NatWest i requested my last 6 years statements in July 2006 by Subject Access Request and enclosed the £10 fee (amazed that all that effort & file copies etc can be done for £10) and received 2 lots of post a week or so later with the full 6 years. I worked out all the charges over the 6 years which was £2570 plus £1570 in interest totalling £4140. The Request fo Repayment was sent by recorded delivery on 9th October and 1 week later i had their reply, which basically said that they were "under no obligation to explain how
  7. hello, hope your claim going well. i have had a reply from nat west to my initial letter and they have refused stating that they do not agree with the OFT and my charges stand. i was going to send them the LBA but now im not sure. the draft LBA i have from this site seems to reiterate what i put in my 1st letter. is this right? they go on to say that they are disappointed to note that i may consider legal action, but if i do to send any letters to their registered office. any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hi all at the forum I have received my 1st response from Nat West after asking them to send copies of my last 6 yrs statements, which arrived in 2 parts (all for just £10 too which is amazing given the charges they apply for doing nothing!!) I calculated this which was over £4000 and sent the letter along with a spreadsheet requesting this back. Aweek after sending this i received their response which says they are "under no obligation to explain how its charges are calculated and are not prepared to enter into any correspondence on this matter. The compliation is a confidentia
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