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  1. Car repaired and no repeat so have decided to keep it now. Thanks all for the advice
  2. Thanks. Big decision but my gut is saying i have a rogue car and i need a reliable car for work.
  3. What are my rights in the following scenario. Car is with the dealer for repair and i expect the faults to be rectified albeit i am not confident that the faults won't reappear. Still within 30 days. Can i reject car still?
  4. Thanks Ford. To clarify you previous comment. I would be liable for the negative equity on my pevious car? There is no seperate agreement for the neg equity just the pcp agreement for the car.
  5. Good afternoon all. New member here seeking some clarification on a couple of things. Story so far. Collected a brand new vehicle from Land Rover dealership on 30th September 2017. Car developed faults and went to same garage for repair on 19th October 2017. It is still there 3 days later and I will get an update on Monday and maybe the car back then. I have lost confidence in the car and looking at the Landrover forum, this fault and others appear common and are likely to repeat at some time in the future. I am concerned that if I do not reject the car within 30 days then I am potentially left with a lemon. Questions: 1. Can I still reject the car even if faults are fixed (albeit they may only be temporary)? 2. Does the 30 days expand to include time in the garage (four days so far) i.e. do my rights hold for 34 days? 3. I purchased the car on a PCP, who do I reject the car with (dealer or LR finance co - or both)? I see there are a number of letter templates for this but please forward any proven ones pls. 4. My old car was traded in and now gone from the dealer I assume. It was on PCP and was in negative equity. The new PCP rolled up the neg equity and financed the new car. What is likely to happen to the repayment of the PCP. Is it a new contract and relates directly to the new car only or am I likely to have to cover the old neg equity to exit? Not sure how I stand legally here. Shame because I do like the car but I do not want to have a problematic car. I would consider exchange but I have lost confidence with the brand and these problems appear to be widespread to the vehicle. Any guidance/help would be appreciated
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