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  1. Ok I only have the one supply maybe thats the difference?
  2. Can I ask is your shower cold only gravity or gravity and hot water tank?
  3. My builder didn't, this was a separate quote which I dismissed, I then sourced a shower with a built in pump designed for tank fed systems and had that fitted.
  4. Hi the wording and PDF documents have since been added. On point 4 the shower was fitted correctly, the documents were not read but nothing in the installation impaired the performance of the shower. Hope that makes sense.
  5. Ok, I have read the manufacturers guidance and there is nothing suggesting gravity fed is suitable, please quote. No the builder would not need to be electrics qualified, please look at the advice from Which, I cant post the link as the forum wont let me. The person did not need to read the instructions as it is very basic, drill four holes, secure shower, connect pipe, wire the same as a standard plug. No red flags, job done at a reasonable price, the shower failed as it was not sold as described, the fitting was not the issue. The shower was fitted in accordance with the manufactures guidelines even though they weren't consulted, even if they had been referred to that part of the booklet is past the compatibility piece which is the real issue, the shower failed to work as the water pressure was not sufficient. I did return the product and was refunded as the item was not fit for purpose/sold as described my issue now is consequential loss. In summation: 1. Was the shower advertised as suitable for ALL water systems, Yes, 2. Was the shower fitted correctly, Yes, 3. Did it work, No, 4. Was this due to the item being installed incorrectly, No, 5 Was the shower sold as advertised, No, 6 Had the instructions been read from cover to cover in spite of the advertised suitability would the shower have been fitted, No, 7 Would I have still been charged by the trades person for a call out, Yes, 8 Are Argos at fault, please comment......
  6. Thanks for the response, assuming the fitter arrived and read the instructions he would not have fitted the shower I would have been liable for a call out charge which to me would be Argos' fault. Sorry I have read the booklet and in no way does it say gravity fed will work, can you please quote. I have consulted Which and you dont need any qualifications to swap out a shower only install from new. The builder has not taken any advantage they fitted the shower as requested, it wasnt fit for purpose, I bought another shower they fitted that and charged accordingly, I used a general trades person as this happened on a Sunday evening, we dont have a bath and in a busy house hold I needed the situation rectifying quickly before work, Uni etc and they were the only ones available at short notice he was more than capable of connecting one pipe, drilling four holes in the wall and connecting three wires.
  7. http://www.argos.co.uk/product/8331977 Argos have changed the item description to read - Compatible with all water systems - install as per manufacturers guidelines. Which is still incorrect the shower is not compatible with all water systems and the installation in my case was correct, the installation is not the issue. Why do you ask as this isn't relevant or helpful, but as you asked I have cold water mains to the sink, I assume as the pressure is low in my area when the bathroom was fitted, before my time, a gravity fed system from the loft was installed so I have a cold water supply but at low pressure which electric showers aren't suitable for, I need either an external pump fitted for about £440.00 or an electric shower with an integrated pump, hope this helps you, can you help me?
  8. I employed a trades person at short notice as I only have a shower (no bath) and my shower had ceased to work. The agreement was I would supply the shower and that they would fit the shower to the wall, plumb the water connection and wire the electrics. I'm not sure how a trades person who does not specialise in showers (nor do they need to for a shower swap) would know what was suitable and what was not and why they would disbelieve me when I said 'fit this please', there was nothing to gain for them. I have since learnt there are at least 4 types of shower water supply, mains, combi, vented and tank gravity fed, that's an aside the shower I bought clearly stated suitable for all water systems, my trades person was a general builder and carried out the job as instructed.
  9. Hello, I purchased an electric shower from Argos, the description stated 'suitable for all water systems'. I employed a trades person on a fit only basis, when the shower was fitted it did not function, on investigation the shower was suitable for cold water mains supply only which I do not have. This has resulted in me paying the trades person twice, the second time to fit a suitable shower and left a fixing hole in my wall the new shower doesn't cover. I have written to Argos and they state 1. It is the fitters responsibility to read the manufacturers instructions even though the fitting was carried out correctly 2. The duty of care rests with the trades person even though I instructed them to fit the shower confident it was the right one as advertised. I have asked for compensation for the plumbing costs and a goodwill gesture for the damaged wall which they are refusing. Can anyone help. Thanks
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