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  1. Now zenith collections are writing to me! Same threats as DRP.. I’ve read they’re DRP in disguise! Still offering me a reduced amount if paid within 14 days of the letter date! Do these guys ever get bored and give up?
  2. I've had my Final settlement letter from DRP... £136 to avoid court action. They are recommending their client take court action. And it's their clients final offer to settle the matter berfore considering court action. I like the threat that a Court Judgment against me could seriously affect my future creditworthiness and employability! Nice touch
  3. Lots of lessons learnt.. thanks for all the help/advice. Anxiously waiting for the next letter now!!
  4. I told them what had happened, how the wind must have blown he ticked down onto my gearstick as we were getting the baby out of her seat.. as it was just a paper ticket with no adhesive backing to make sure it stayed put. I had a ticket, still have it in fact. I'm annoyed at myself for not actually having a copy of what I actually sent, as it was one of those online forms I don't have it in my email sent items!!
  5. I guess the research will have to continue just in case the decide to take me to court Lesson learnt that's for sure! Thank you for your recent correspondence in relation to the above Parking Charge. We have investigated your appeal based on the information you have submitted and confirm that this parking charge was correctly issued because there are sufficient signs at St Stephens Place Leisure Park advising drivers that a valid pay and display ticket must be clearly displayed. UK Parking Control Ltd does not issue or collect “Penalty Charges”, “fines” or “Excess Charges
  6. Thanks for all your help, Today I received a response from BPA, And hThank you for your patience whilst this matter was investigated. I have received a response from UKPC who advise that they received your appeal on 27/07/2017 and subsequently rejected this on 31/08/2017. UKPC advise that they responded to your appeal via e-mail – please find the attached copy of the outcome sent to you. I note that you advise that you did not receive the appeal rejection outcome, however, it is not possible for us to ascertain whether e-mail or mail has or has not been sent or re
  7. I've now received the letter from DRP with Notice of intended court action. And how they will pass my file onto their client with recommendation they take court action against me. They keep referring to a court win back in 2015!! Have they had none since?
  8. For a windscreen ticket (Notice To Driver) please answer the following questions.... 1 The date of infringement? 27/07/17 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? [Y/N?] Y if you have then please post up whatever you sent and how you sent it and the date you sent it, suitably redacted. I stupidly didn't take a screen shot, and as it was an online form I don't have it as a sent email. But it was the as I wrote it in the original thread. It was sent the day of the penalty. has there been a response? Only the automated response that it had be received. Ap
  9. Good morning people, I was hoping you could help me in regards to a parking charge I received back on the 27th of July. The car park I used is free for the first 3 hours, but you have to get a ticket. I had done this, went to have some lunch on return to the car had a parking notice on the windscreen from UKPC. I found this very odd as I'd got a ticket as soon as we had arrived. Once in the car I noticed that the ticket had fallen next to the gear stick. It must have been blown by the wind when we were getting my daughter out of the car (this took a little longer
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