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  1. Thanks, the Harlands letter said that I have till 30th Oct to cough up or otherwise face more charges. So I guess I'll hear from them then.
  2. Hey, 1. I joined online. 2. I joined on 30th Sep and either cancelled the DD on the 3rd or 8th Oct. I sent the cancellation form on the 17th (which is outside the cooling period). Should I write to X4L saying that I will agree to pay for the first month but not admin fees? Thanks
  3. I signed up for the 12 month student deal £11.99/month a few weeks back decided to stop it as I no longer needed the gym. As I hadn't activated my account for their website I just cancelled the DD (which weirdly just said £0.00?). I realise that was not sufficient enough. Skip forward to yesterday, I receive the lovely email from Harlands saying I owe the first month's fee + the classic £25.00 admin charge - adding to £36.99 . I then go on X4L website and submit the cancellation form (saying I'm relocating and backing up with a bill). I then received an email tod
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