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  1. I've already accepted a repair, they didn't repair anything and going by that and what it states in that law that is all im required to do before being able to reject the car. No deduction may be made if the final right to reject is exercised in the first 6 months (see subsection (11)), unless— (a) the goods consist of a motor vehicle, or (b) the goods are of a description specified by order made by the Secretary of State by statutory instrument. I don't mind a deduction in the rejection value back to me as long as the car is gone and out of my life
  2. I was looking into it and as long as the complaint is logged within 6 months from purchase date it is still possible, obviously minus fair usage policies.
  3. Hi guys, I'm new here but would like some advice on a car rejection. I have been having an on going issue with my Renault Clio. Purchased from A renault dealership. The car has numerous faults. Sensor light for my tyres, Check Vehicle light, Check Stop Start notification, DAB radio doesn't work. I have taken it in to be fixed. They didn't fix a single issue and played it off as if they weren't there. I have images and audio files and documentation proof of everything that has happened. I emailed them saying that I have given you a chance to fix the problems with the car and this was not even attempted. I want to reject the vehicle because i'm within that period. This was the last email response I got back from them in the quotes "Your finance company contacted my head office, I supplied them with the same information that I had sent to you. You cannot reject but if there are still issues with the vehicle we will need to book you into our workshop." The car has been in there once and i've conversed with trading standards, my finance company and renault customer compaints. Can they flat out say they aren't rejecting the car, I didn't think the Consumer rights act worked like that. Thank you for reading that and I hope to hear some advice! Frustrated Renault driver.
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