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  1. Sorry i did try..phones playing up and no access to pc at mo
  2. Just a quick question would the bos be stamped on the back with the courts seal?
  3. Thx for getting back to me dx.. my query is if the same person has signed both credit agreement and bos and has different signatures doesnt this amount to whoever signed bos and swearing to the high court that he witnessed my signature to be fraud when only 1 person was present at time of signing both agreements? The paperwork was signed in my home. I have applied for time order and applied to high court for copy of bos...i did ask the company for a copy but they only sent the copy with no seal on it.
  4. they have now treated my issues as a complaint and repossessing car (still got it up til now). My big issue is the field agent came to my house on his own so there was only the 2 of us present. The company sent me copies of paperwork and the credit agreement and bos have 2 different signatures on it. Surely this is fraud as the same person can't sign both agreements which means when they have received paperwork from agent (who told me he earns commission) they have got someone else to sign the bos maybe thats why mine wasnt signed cause i may have picked up on it at the time. Any help would be appreciated
  5. Hi dx thanks for your reply. I am currently 2 payments behind due to non payment of wages from ex employer hence why he is an ex employer... they have said all my queries have been sent to their compliance department as of today so waiting to hear back. On checking the paperwork that they have provided this morning. .the bos is dated different to the credit agreement even tho they were signed on same day. Also on their copy of bos the signature is different to the signature on my credit agreement even tho there was only one field agent present and myself at the time. I have passed all these questions to the company and waiting on them getting back to me.
  6. Hi everyone, if anyone can help please do. Just a few questions about my bill of sale 1) my copy is not dated or signed by a witness. 2) if other copy has been signed by same person from lbl company that signed my credit agreement does this make the bill of sale void? 3) after looking at my credit report the lbl company has stated i have an unsecured loan and not a secured loan..does this make a difference? 4) bill of sale has a witness address on it being media factory in preston which is a university address...is this allowed? Have requested a copy which was registered with the high court but had no reply from lbl company so i will send off for it myself. Any help will be appreciated
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