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  1. Hello all,


    Just under 2 years ago I bought a 15" Macbook Pro.

    I have had an iPhone die on me before so to negate what I consider slightly fragile products I bought the laptop through John Lewis as it came with a 3 year warranty (as well as having a positive public image towards repairs/replacements).



    About 6 months ago the screen cracked, this was extremely annoying as I was sure that it wasn't my fault,

    the laptop had flashed up warnings of overheating

    I put it in a cool place,

    let it recharge

    when I came back the screen was cracked.



    I expected it to be covered under the warranty

    after having the laptop sent off I got sent a bill for £803 to have it mended.



    This i thought was excessive and I refused to pay to have it repaired (it was sent back with the damaged screen)

    after 2 months struggling without a laptop I decided to count it as a life lesson and take the hit.

    It was sent off and repaired at a cost of £797.84.



    I was annoyed I hadn't taken out insurance on the laptop at the start (when I first called John Lewis I thought it was included with the warranty) and considering how easily the screen had broken I was keen to have it insured from the start.



    After checking it was fine I left it in the blow up package it was sent to me in, and went to look on my home computer for an insurance company that would insure a device over 6 months old.



    The next day coming back to check that laptop was working I was dismayed to find a crack on the opposite side of the screen.

    This was unacceptable,



    the first time it was damaged I was treating the laptop properly but couldn't rule out damage happening that I didn't notice

    (ie something falling on it, someone knocking it over), this time I was meticulous in making sure no damage whatsoever could effect the laptop yet once again the hairline crack reappeared.



    I called up John Lewis technical support,

    explained what had happened and was keen to get it sorted again as soon as possible.



    Unfortunately I was going on holiday very soon and so it wasn't picked up for a good 2 weeks.

    The laptop was recovered and John Lewis went dark.



    A generic email I received when I organised the second repair mentioned it taking up to 28 days to repair

    I waited 27 and sent an email asking what was happening,



    I got a call the next day (a Sunday) saying the repair was on hold but the company doing the repair wasn't open till Monday so they couldn't ask why it was on hold. They were very polite and said someone would call me on Monday and relay their findings.



    No call came till Wednesday (an answerphone message asking to call back and quote a reference number),

    I didn't notice this voicemail till Friday,

    I was too late to call back



    the next day I called up and they explained that it was on hold as "it was accidental damage" and so once again I was to pay.

    I was furious and even more angry when it transpired this time the bill was £1380 as for some reason includes a new top case and battery (I believe the top case is glued to the screen so not surprising but the battery is a completely different issue and I am not sure either how it is damaged-it was working fine- or why I would be charged if it was faulty-surely it would be covered under the warranty).



    The laptop was £1600 to start with so these repairs will cost more than a new model.


    I am gutted this is all happening,

    I really like John Lewis and its ethos and have always heard they are very good with customer service and don't squabble about fine print etc.



    Like I said before I do treat my devices well, and especially in the second case I know this isn't my fault.

    Being left in the dark and constantly shuffled between departments is annoying but not my main concern,

    I am anxious that this second repair is not charged to me.



    I am considering making a small claims court case as a few similar stories (including one about a cracked screen) seem to have worked in the past against John Lewis but am unfamiliar with either the process, any documentation I will need or the chances of success.


    Thank you everyone for reading this, any help would be very much appreciated





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