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  1. Thanks for replying. I have a payday loan (trusted quid) which I have started a thread about earlier. I have 3 credit cards. All up to date but maxed to their limit. They are not a lot - £150, £250 and £1000. The Loan with Bamboo is unsecured.
  2. Hi I have just started using this website. I have a few issues.. I completed an online application for a £400 payday loan last year. I was informed someone would call me to confirm. I quickly decided not to go ahead with the loan and when they rang me I said I did not want to accept the loan and to cancel my application. However I noticed a week or so later they had paid me the money. I rang them and explained everything and the advisor looked into it and must of listened back to the phone call and apologied. He offered me to repay the money and he would remove the interest and after it was paid off he would remove it completely from my credit file. He emailed me this as well. I paid one of the payments and then I lossed my job. So I still owe money. I received a letter from them saying I needed to pay them £0.00 and to contact them. Obviously a generated letter and I can only think there is actually no account set up as such as the amount was £0.00. I threw the letter which I regret now. But even when I rang them they have nothing in my name. I have to ask for th guy who was dealing with it. I have not heard anything for a whole. I recently checked my credit file and it is showing on there. My question is - do I need to pay this ? Should I chase them to set up a repayment plan ? I look forward to hearing from you.. thank you
  3. Hi I am new to using this website. I stupidly took out a loan of £3000 a few months ago for approx £170.00 per month. I have missed 2 payments and I just rang them and asked them to freeze the interest until I ha e caught up and they are refusing to do this. So the debt is increasing. Can someone please advise ?
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