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  1. Donated - worth every penny to be able to sleep again. You folks are doing a great job Cheers.
  2. I took a copy of slick132's very good letter to the gym with me. I had a chat to their finance person. I explained the series of events/phone calls/letters/texts/threats. I showed her the letter I was about to post to their head office. She went off to "have a look at my account" To my utter amazement she told me that I didn't even owe a month's notice but only five days. If I paid that there and then (£16 ish) it would be the end of the matter and she would inform head office! Wow. I felt it was too good to be true. I explained that in the light of all that had happened I was rather wary of handing over any money. She assured me I could have a receipt and that she would ring head office, sort everything, then email and ring me later in the day. So... I paid the £16. And waited. True to her word, the email below arrived later that day. "Following our meeting yesterday I can confirm your joint membership is now closed with David Lloyd and ARC. Outstanding balance has now been reversed. I do apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please let me know if I can be any further help to you." Result! PS I did send a letter to head office saying that I had paid the £16 as full and final payment of my account and would not be payng any unlawful admin fees. I added what I thought of their shoddy treatment of customers too. So far - all is quiet on the western front. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me with this - hopefully the end of my sleepless nights!
  3. Oh lawd that was music to my eyes slick 132... thank you so much for that. Your letter is much better than the one I penned. I will do as you suggest and let you know what transpires. Cheers
  4. Hi folks, Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. Yes, unfortunately I have checked my sent email folder and deleted email folder and archived email folder - also online email account with my service provider and cannot find a trace of it - their records only go back to July and the said email was sent in June - so - no chance of proving it that way. I have an appoinment with the new company (David Lloyd) who keep on setting up new DD.. . gonna have a face to face with them. Though really, the company I cancelled with was Virgin.. . maybe I can get some contact details for them.. . I will be able to confirm exact changeover from Virgin to David Lloyd whan I chat with the gym this week. Once again, cheers for all your help and suggestions.
  5. After talking with the bank. Managed to establish that I did cancel the direct debit on 5th June. The company proceeded to set up another DD and took a further two payments. The bank reimbursed me for these. Bank phoned the company while I was there. They say they have no record of my email cancelling the DD and without it they will expect me to pay those extra two months. Phhhht. I have deleted the email... cannot find it... . am gonna have to stump up for those extra two months???? They know it was cancelled because they had to set up a new one!!!!! Argh....
  6. Thank you ericsbrother I don't know how to get rid of personal details from letter - I'm thinking scan it then put it onto photoshop and scribble over bits???? Sorry - am old and useless at technology Off to speak to bank now - will take letter... back this afternoon, will post letter up here if I figure it out Cheers Save
  7. Hope this is the right spot for this .. . my first visit - first time I've been threatened with a court action, too - scary! In June of this year I cancelled my gym membership - no valid medical reason - we just weren't going. I had been a member for a couple of years but - and guys no laughing! Swimming three times a week was wrecking my hair.. .. okay you're allowed to laugh a little but just quietly please I went to my bank (Barclays) and instructed them to cancel my direct debit. They did. At least - they told me it was cancelled. They helpfully advised me to let the gym know. Soon as I got home I phoned the gym (Virgin Active at the time) and explained I was cancelling - life too busy etc etc... and they asked me to let them know in writing and said an email would be fine. I emailed them that same day - expaining I was cancelling my membership and had stopped the direct debit. Job jobbed. I thought. Didn't hear back from them so I presumed it was fine. Meanwhile - and this may/may not be significant? Virgin Active sells out to David Lloyd Clubs) Didn't look at my bank satement very carefully until a couple of months later - (I know, I know shocking... what can I say??? ) and it was then I noticed that the gym payments were still going out. Puzzled and miffed I went to the bank. They checked. yes, the direct debit was cancelled but the company that took over Virgin active - namely David Lloyd - had started up the direct debit again. I had no idea they could do that! So - nice bank lady said not to worry - they would sort it out - the money would go back into my account, they would block David Lloyd from taking money out of my account (sheesh that's still a scary thing to type) - but she says - if I ever want to go back to the gym I would have to unblock David Lloyd in order for them to take money for a direct debit - as if that is likely to happen after the way they conduct business! The story continues. Few weeks later I get a phone call from a company called Arc Europe accusing me of being two months behind in my gym membership payments. Argh. I take a deep breath and explain that I have cancelled my membership with Virgin Active. .. explained bank/phone call to gym/ email notification to gym, thank you please don't contact me again. Phhht no good - phone calls text messages, threatening letter - pay up or else you'll go to court and your credit rating will be affected. ... blah blah blah oh and by the way we have added some admin fees.... ! And then this morning an even scarier letter from Major Law solicitors - wanting even more money and how it will be easier and cheaper if I pay now..... lawd..... What do I do? I'm rubbish at paperwork... no idea where my original conract is with Virgin Active... . and I have deleted the email I sent to them confirming I was cancelling my gym membership. Sorry this turned into a ramble. Any one got any advice? Going to see someone at the bank today - maybe a letter from them confirming when I actually cancelled the direct debit will help? Cheers
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