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  1. hi, just got a letter this morning and my hearing is 9.30am on the 15th december. bit confused as to whats going on really. the letter was very hard to understand. am i right in thinking i don't have to send in the court bundle at this time??? as its been left very late to notify me anyway! I also don't know if i'll be able to attend. Help!!
  2. I sent back my allocation questionnaire about 5 weeks ago, and i have just had a letter from bow street court saying "judge xxxxx has ordered the case to be transferred to the mercentile court" and thats all it says. Please could someone explain what happens now as i can't find much out about it, and the letter has no information about what happens next??? thanks in advance james
  3. Their deadline was wednesday last week, i entered judgment on thursday and warrent on friday. how long before i see the money? Great site by the way 5% of £2300 coming as soon as i get it!
  4. I started moneyclaim against lloyds and they didn't acknowledge my claim, i therefore entered judgement and it allowed me to, then the next day i entered a warrent. I've had confirmation through from the court that my warrent has been issued. What happens now?????
  5. Who do i make the cheque payable to, that i send back with my allocation questionnaire?? its been transferred to Bow County Court. Do i just make it payable to them?? Thanks James
  6. okay an update on this they acknowledged the claim on the 14th day and entered their defence on the 28th day!! typical! anyway the first defence point is that barclaycard is a trading name and not a legal entitity in itself. they have then gone on with all the other standard parts of their defence. any advice on this have i messed up?? but if i have why have barclaycard bothered with a full defence etc??? are they just trying to get me to drop it? thanks in advance, great site 5% coming when i finally sort my mess out!
  7. Okay i rang moneyclaim online and they told me how i could change the defendants address, but it involves a long winded process. However looking back at the site today and barclaycard have now acknowledged my claim, so do you reckon i should just leave it?
  8. I've issued proceedings against barclaycard and used BARCLAYCARD PO BOX 599 Manchester M60 3NF as the defendants details, has anyine else done this. should i have used barclays bank??
  9. Got a parking ticket and the date only says 17/9 not specific to any year. Could i get off this on those grounds?
  10. Hi could someone please briefly explain the moneyclaim procedure to me. Basically i've just issued one against barclaycard and don't fully understand the procedure. They have 14days to acknowledge the claim so if they don't do i win by default? I don't understand when i can get a judgement? - does this also mean i've won if i get one? how do i get one? Just basically need to know the system better. Thanks :-?
  11. yeah don't bother writing, just ring up tell what you want and you'll get it. also ask them to work out the interest you've paid on your charges as they'll pay this back too. if its back over 6 years its likely that the interest will add up to double the amount your claiming. mine did!
  12. thanks mate, just wanted confirmation
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