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  1. I can report 2 recent upheld complaints against Barclays 1) masterloan/barclayloan PPI recived £5500 in 13 days 2) Barclaycard PPI going back 27 years £21200 received so far although I have returned to them with further documentary evidence ,the initial complaint took 7 weeks. I used the Resolver tool and it was very painless.
  2. Thank you DX. Yes if the complaint is upheld I think I will ask for all the statements good idea! even if they dont have all of them for the last 30 years I assume they will show me the ones they have used to calculate the redress. I know I will be entitled to statutory interest but dont know if account interest will be included. I am a bit worried when they said it might take them longer than usual
  3. Hello , I'm new here and I was looking for some guidance. I have had a Barclaycard since the early 1990s , indeed i believe probably before 1988. I took this out following a meeting with an advisor at barclays. I was told protection was compulsory and that I needed it to protect myself from any problems with the goods I was buying etc . I did not need it for any other reason as I had excellent cover from my employment for sickness etc . I was young and naive and was led to believe it would be a condition of me getting the card . I have had this protection on thus card ever since . I have always been in debt to them ever since ,except for a 2 year period when the card was dormant and paid off and until then the average I owed I would say was aleast £6000. This may be a conservative estimate . I have been very foolish with money all my life but I have never defaulted on the card or made late payments. I recently was told that the cover was PPI and strongly believe I was missold I have written to them make a complaint and am waiting for their decision. i have asked them to cancel the ppi as it is not the cover i thought it was and i was not asked if this was required . my query is that BC have told me it may take more than the requisite time to deal with the claim. is this normal? also if this is upheld how do they calculate any redress? I suffer with depression and anxiety and would appreciate any help many thanks
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