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  1. I'm completely fine but having the DVLA write to my doctor every single year and having form after form and waiting months for the answer puts a lot of stress and strain on me. One of the Qs the doctor has to answer is "is the patient currently engaging and compliant with treatment?". But what if I don't need treatment and therefore not attending any clinic and the doctor answers "no" to that question, would that go against me? Do I need to see a CPN or a psychiatrist or whatever even if I don't need to just so the doctor can say I'm "compliant with treatment"? The letters from DVLA do say I
  2. Do I still have time to appeal? Apparently I need a lawyer? And the courts have to receive the appeal before end of next week? I have already written to the DVLA saying I intend to appeal? If I don't go ahead with the appeal the DVLA won't take my licence off me will they?
  3. the letter I received tells me I can appeal against the fact they have to write to my doctor every year because of my "declared medical condition" their concern is the fact I told them I had autism. it's actually been almost 2 years since I last used cannabis anyway and I only used it 4 times. I don't regret using cannabis but I have big regrets telling anyone I used it you don't get any support and people are really judgemental - my social worker actually told me "people who use drugs have something missing from their lives". Who is she to tell me what's "missing" from my li
  4. They want to write to my doctor every year because of my "declared medical condition" (something which has no bearing on my ability to drive safely. I am very high functioning autism which affects my social skills only) I wish to appeal the fact they want to keep writing to my doctor yearly.
  5. so how do I do this? and is it still true I need to notify the other person I am recording the call to keep it legal?
  6. Do I just send one letter addressed to DVLA medical (as requested) telling them I wish to appeal, and one letter to my local court with my argument on why I do not consider my declared medical condition affects my driving and thus writing to my doctor every year isn't needed?
  7. 1 year until a review. Which brings me to my next struggle- appealing this so they won't have to write to my doctor every year. Is there any advice/tips/templates on how to go about doing this?
  8. Just to provide an update and closure for the thread I did finally get my licence back, 7 months after I applied.
  9. What exactly will happen at this medical? All it says is I may have to get undressed and I need to provide a urine sample for drug screening. Is there just one medical for everyone? ie will I basically be given the same medical that's given to those reapplying after being disqualified for drink driving? My letter doesn't say "high risk offender" (something I see online a lot) anywhere on it. Does this mean there are 2 medical tests? One for high risk offenders and another for everyone else? Or can they be tailored for each individual?
  10. Back in Oct they sent me a letter saying I had "suffered a medical condition (drug abuse)". So why not just send me for drug screening back then? My GP hasn't helped matters either, on one form she sent back to the DVLA she actually left a page of questions blank. So then the DVLA had to write back to her with the same form. And I really don't like their way of wording things. A year and a half ago I went through a phase of having some cannabis edibles to relax and because of that I've "suffered drug abuse"? I rarely drink alcohol (yes alcohol is also a drug) yet look at all the
  11. It's now over 6 months since I submitted my application.
  12. and how long is this going to take? I suppose if I make the appt as soon as they can give me one then from now until the day they make the decision it could be another month or two months?
  13. I need to have a medical examination, as part of it I need to provide a urine sample for drug screening. Why do I have to do this even though I told them it's been a year and a half since I last used any cannabis? What else does the examination involve? And do they really watch you pee?
  14. I have one more question. What exactly entails "satisfactory complying with treatment" if the licence was revoked for "serious psychiatric illness"? Is it esstential to have to have appointments with a mental health professional? I'm concerned because I've just been seeing my GP I don't have a CPN or psychiatrist or anything like that.
  15. So in other words, if the person making the application has refrained from any use of cannabis for over 6 months it will not stop the application being granted?
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