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  1. Hi ericsbrother: Many thanks for your input. After having another look on their parcel booking site, there is a 'I have read and agree to the Prohibited items and Compensation exclusions list' tick box, which must be ticked before continuing, but after the details of the shipment have been input....So I guess I am up that creek that i can't remember the name of, without a paddle. Ref sending the item back to the retailer, they have been fantastic & I have nothing but good things to say about them, they even sent me pictures of the packaging before it was despatched & pic
  2. Yeah, I get it, but their website is potentially misleading (to the uninitiated like me) & yes, I may have had my pants pulled down on this one, but if my story saves someone else from a similar fate then it hasn't been completely in vain...
  3. Cheers Sgtbush. This was my first experience of booking a parcel collection/delivery. If I had been a time served parcel pro, I suspect I would have looked at this first too........
  4. Hi there CAG Community. I recently bought a new (ex demo) cooker from a retailer in Birmingham at a fantastic price (£200 quid less than standard retail), the retailer does not deliver to Cardiff, so they said i would need to arrange my own collection & delivery. I found Parcel Hero on the tinterweb & after inputting all the details (including a full product description) they came back with a price of £49 for a next day delivery. Unbeknownst to me at the time, cookers are on their prohibited list. The following day they collected the shipment (via TNT) who then took it t
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