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  1. Thanks all so pretty much I need to accept the fine and points
  2. thanks but it’s dated 3rd September so it has passed 14 days from the offence? Also it’s a conditional offer of fixed penalty as I was stopped roadside so I believe an NIP isn’t necessary?
  3. Hi all I am just looking to clarify something… I was caught speeding on 2nd august by a policeman with a speed gun he clocked me at 43mph in a 30mph zone. He gave me a yellow traffic offence report and told me he would be reporting me for the offence. fast forward to today (7th september) I have received a letter dated 3rd September from Hampshire constabulary with an conditional offer of fixed penalty. my question is do I have a leg to stand on with the fact that 14 days has passed and the letter was only sent out on 3rd September or do I need to bite the bullet and take the £100 fine and 3 points. thanks all
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