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  1. Hey all, this just resurfaced after over 3 years-how do i respond to this? Letter of claim We act for HOIST PORTFOLIO HOLDING 2 LIMITED and write to inform you of its intention to issue proceedings in the county court fot the above outstanding amount (£2609)that you have failed to repay. Details of debt: This debt originates from a written agreement betwen the original creditor (lloyds credit card) and you. The agreement was subsequently terminated when its terms were not complied with. Our client later purchase this account and it was legally assigned on 08/09/2015. The notice of assignment has previously been provided to you. (never got it). There have been no interest or administartive fees/charges applied to your account since we aquired it. You should note this letter is being sent in accordance with the pre-action protocol for debt claims of the civil procedure rules. The court rules comfirm the actions either party must take before a matter goes to court. We should point out that paragraph 7 sets out its expectations for you and our client in how to comply with the protocol. Despite our clients of it's agents Robinson way limited attempts to engage with you to agree a suitablle payment plan, the above amount remains unpaid. It then goes on to tell me i need to complete the enclosed information sheet, reply form and income and expenditure form, and tells me i am required to make payment within 30 days and if i don't respond, a claim will be issued in the county court without further notice. What do i do here? I have no information on this, do i have to complete their form? is that admitting liability for the debt? can I send a CCA? Please help
  2. Westcott are handling it atm for their client, arrow. Presumably I contact them. Should i CCA wescott to prevent them issuing a backdoor ccj? i figure that might stop everything until it's statue barred, or, the produce a legit CCA and it goes to court with my knowledge. Is this the best option? For the record, i borrowed the money for a "friend" who did a runner, the fees piled on, tried to track down the friend, no joy, couldn't get any criminal charges as nothing in writing (yes, i was young, stupid and trusting) the credit crunch happened, i suffered a close family death and had a bit of a break down --- fast forward to today.
  3. Would they do that even thought they've 'presumed' my current address and have sent a couple of letters here? That sounds highly dodgy!
  4. Thanks Ericsbrother! The last info i have is a scan (my scan, don't think i have the actual thing they sent anymore) of a cca i requested in 2013 when i was battling them. Having looked through it, there is zero mention of my rights to cancel, and the APR does not state if it is annual/monthly/anything. Kind of thinking as it's dated 2005 it might not be enforceable even if they managed to drag up a copy their end anyway!
  5. Hello- background: debt dates to 2005 with a pre-approved credit card, the limit being increased and increased unasked unti 2008 when BAM! Then i set up a debt management plan with the CCCS, and paid into that until feb 2012 and not a penny since. A couple of weeks ago i got a phishing letter from wescot addressed to me at this address asking if the address was correct and saying if they didn't hear back they'd assume it was, no detail as to what it was for. I didn't reply. Today, letter from wescot saying they have been instructed by their client arrow global ltd-egg, to make contact with me to discuss the outstanding balance (£19,900) and telling me it is essential to contact them within the next 10 days to prevent further action. Now... what do you advise here? how likely are they to produce a CCA after so long? It's months away from being statute barred.. should i ignore it? I haven't heard anything for the last 3 years, i *think* they must have been given new address by old landlord getting sick of them constantly writing there. They don't have any certainty of my current address, are they likely to push for a CCJ under these circumstances? Advice gratefully received!
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