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  1. There is, and that's why I've pushed it to this limit. I was hoping the TEC or the council would get back to me by now. If I pay now and one of those two get back to me after the fact, it's not like Newlyn are going to refund what I paid them. Whole thing stinks.
  2. Yeah, was considering asking my dad to park the car a few streets over but he's really anxious so I wouldn't rely on him too much. I've got under 2 hours to go lol.
  3. I was considering calling them and requesting an extension or for their enforcement to be put on hold. That way at least i get a chance to pay the reduced fee and worst case scenario I'd end up paying the NoE figure. When I called them initially (when you told me I shouldn't have) they were reasonable. Perhaps I'll call them this morning and ask. Because I'm not in the UK myself and my family aren't very savvy with these sorts of things, it would probably be best this way.
  4. Thank you for that. Based on that thread it seems tomorrow morning could be a sticky situation with the clamp. I instructed my family not to let anyone inside the house in any case whatsoever, but I was told the Bailiffs would just clamp the car in that case if it's outside the property. Damn, what a sticky situation. And I'm out here trying to manage all of this from Istanbul.
  5. Just an update. Reached out to the TEC via email with TE7/TE9 forms, no response. Reached out to the council via email, trying to see if they would let me pay the original PCN, no response either. The deadline is tomorrow 8am... Apparently they'll clamp the car and that would incur even more charges so I'm very close to paying the NoE as the TEC and the council haven't gotten back to me. Not sure if it would be worth seeking an extension from Newlyn while I await response from the TEC and the council.
  6. Haha, I can relate to the mind fog. Thanks though! Just missed their home time but I'll call them first thing. Have a good evening
  7. Well, I could have only assumed based on your last comment. Disputing a parking ticket/Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) | Parking contraventions | Ealing Council WWW.EALING.GOV.UK tickets and fines, bus lane contraventions, moving traffic contraventions, parking contraventions, They have no contact number. The one number they have is completely automated.
  8. I've spoken to Newlyn and the lady on the phone was quite nice, but she said there isn't much they can do, I'd have to contact the council directly to see if anything can be arranged. Council don't have a contact line that actually brings you to a human being, so that's out of the question too. Only option now is to fill out the TE7 and TE9 forms and submit them to TEC. I will do that tonight and email them. Will post an update if anything works out before the payment deadline, otherwise I will have to cough up the £248. Thanks for the guidance.
  9. Yeah, it sucks. I believe the address has been corrected. I've read the thread - thank you. Just wanted to clarify, would this be considered a Local Authority Parking contravention or CCTV contravention? It doesn't state explicitly on the NOE. Also, TE9, the witness statement, is that signed by someone else or signed by me also? Do I fill in by hand, take a photo and send it to them by email? Is this considered an order for recovery, i.e. am I within the 21 days or am I out of it? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I've been living abroad since September last year I just got sent a picture of a letter from my family back in the UK that I have received a notice of enforcement. I've attached both images. I was not the driver of the car, my dad was, but I don't recall them sending me any pictures of a PCN being received either so I don't know what to do. I am not even in the country so I don't know if I really care but I don't want any issues to arise if I was to come back to the UK. Just found out that apparently my dad called them up, not sure what he said to them exactly but according to the dude on the phone he said the original PCN was sent to the address the car had been registered on which was a different address. I have no access to that address. This was 4 years ago. Clearly I'm all over the place with this, it's shaken me up a little. I didn't realise that this is from June 2020, and not 2021. I am not sure if I was the driver of the car then or not because I was working from home, most likely wouldn't have left the house on a Monday. Would it save me a lot of headache to just pay it? Almost £250 is damn steep though. Can anyone please help and advise? Thanks! NOE.pdf
  11. hi Bilali8,


    what happed to this issue?, UK CPM PCN The Gym Alperton - Atlip Centre

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    2. m1de


      Hi Bilali8,

      wow, did you just follow the advice?


      i got a PCN yesterday and when i was with my kids in the car for waiting on the road but they think i was parked.

    3. Bilali8


      Yeah I just followed the advice on the thread. The road is a joke because from what I remember there aren't any double yellows, unless there are some now. I remember seeing cars get PCNs on the road when there were no yellows. If there are no official council signs and it isn't a council penalty, I'd just ignore it to be honest.

    4. m1de


      did you appeal? coz i read you only asked to change your address.

  12. Apologies this isn't the clearest picture but it can be made out. My girlfriend just received this regarding this parking matter. I've never seen this kind of letter before and it isn't the standard DRP rubbish that they send. Guys, what do we do? IMG-20180818-WA0018.pdf
  13. so my friend has received a few letters in between, based on past experiences from you guys' replies on other threads we ignored. This is the most recent however, he started panicking again. Thanks! IMG-20180818-WA0016.pdf
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