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  1. Thank you fko. The judge said that she would ask Natwest to reply by the 17th April and the court will be the next available hearing in 8 weeks. BW Legal gave us the account details. So I will do a DSAR to Natwest? If the account is not in my name will they give me the details?
  2. Yes I had a print out of a screen shot of what I put in the information on the ActionFraud website, plus a print out of the case number. BW Legal had a Natwest sort code and account number which they claim the loan was paid into.
  3. I have just gotten back from court. It was worse this time than it was the last time. They tried everything on again, they said that it should be found in their favour because I hadn't physically signed my witness statement, I had not given them the exhibits, I had not provided any evidence to show it was not my account! However, the Judge has adjourned the case. It came down to whether the bank account that the money was paid into was mine or not. The Judge has sent a request to Natwest for information on the account. She said that if the account is in my name I will lo
  4. Hi you lovely helpful people, I have just found out that my brother has a loan with Safetynet credit. He owes nearly £600 and is at breaking point because the interest is increasing faster than he can pay it back. He has been using them for well over a year and has borrowed and paid back thousands. I am pretty sure that it could be classed as irresponsible lending because he is not working and is claiming benefits instead. Safetynet know this because apparently they log into his online banking! Is it worth him complaining and trying to work out a deal to pay back over a
  5. OK thank you. I will keep you posted on how it goes.
  6. Should I mention that they have not given me confirmation that they actually bought this debt from PayDay UK? For my evidence I have a print out of the form I filled in for Action Fraud and a confirmation case number. I have also included copies of my bank statement for the time the loan was given showing that it has not gone into my bank account. Should I add anything else?
  7. Yes sorry Dx, my witness statement. The court is on the 20th.
  8. Hi, sorry I have just seen that last message. I didn't ignore you on purpose. I sent that letter and nothing changed. I am still going to court next month. I am just typing up my defence statement to send off. Going through the paperwork I realise I have never received a letter from PayDay UK saying that they have sold the debt to PRAC. Should I mention this in my statement saying that for all I know I don't owe the money to PRAC? I am really trying to get a good defence typed up. I am dreading this one after last time. TIA
  9. OK guys I will send them a short letter with the action fraud reference.
  10. Thank you fko, I have reported it to Action Fraud so it would make more sense if they combined the information so that there could be one investigation.
  11. Hi everyone, I sent the directions questionnaire back. This morning I received these two letters. They are not really helpful at all. docs 2.pdf BW fraud form.pdf
  12. Hi Dx, thanks. They have gotten back to the court and are definitely going ahead? I will get the form filled in and sent off. I will also send a letter chasing up the CCA.
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