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  1. So i've been getting 2x calls daily now for about a week and Zinc left a message this morning asking me for £200. So far I have ignored and will continue to do so unless anyone think's otherwise? The calls are seriously getting irritating but as per advice I do not even pick up. This had all went quiet for a month or so but seems to have picked up again in the last month. Will continue to ignore and see where it goes. If the calls persist then I might take up the offer of writing a letter to X4L HO.
  2. Received another email today threatening that they will pass my details to debt collection agency Zinc Ltd. Still continuing to ignore. Having read the threads on here I'm assuming ignore Zinc when I get I contacted who will eventually then pass back to CRS?
  3. Been receiving lots of texts and calls (which just leave a message saying it's absolutely urgent I've to call them) from CRS. Haven't replied and continuing to ignore. Daily calls and texts are becoming extremely irritating though.
  4. Got another email today from CRS asking for £237.47 despite me asking them to keep all correspondence to letter, nothing different in it than any of the other letters that I've received. I'm assuming ignore?
  5. Received another letter from CRS today, this one dated 19th of October which is before the date they attached the letter in the email. This one is asking for £109.20 and should be paid by 29th October or they are threatening legal action. This seems a common theme with them, send out dated letters that have payment dates befre the letter is received. Will be ignoring as I have already sent a response as per Slick above to the letter attached to the email.
  6. 9th November, I've sent the reply you drafted above thanks.
  7. So today I received an email from Credit Resolution Services which was attached to an email as a PDF. I have not received any letter in writing through the post. They are now saying that I need to pay £237.47 as an additional £102.50 have been added as admin fee's. Looking at the letter, it is addressed to an old address not my current one. I haven't replied to the email and have no idea if they have sent a letter as I currently do not stay at that address. Should I continue ignoring here as I have been doing? This is the first I have heard from them in around a month.
  8. I just arrived back from Holiday and have now received another letter that has been dated 30th September from Harlands. They are now saying that the September installment of my membership has been missed and an additional admin fee has been added of £25.00 which takes my account owed total to £89.98. The letter is stating that if I do not contact them by 10th October then my details will be passed to a debt collection agency which may incur larger charges. (I'm assuming this is going to be the CSR of the trifecta? I was on holiday and checked my mailbox before I left 5th October and had
  9. Letter has been posted for recorded delivery this morning. Will post an update once I get a reply from Harlands.
  10. Will change it to this and send in the morning. Thanks
  11. Ah thanks, I never even noticed that! Copy paste error.
  12. Will be sending this out in the morning. Thanks for the help folks, will let you know how it goes. Dear Sir/Madam, I refer to my membership at Xercise 4 Less gym in 200 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow Metropolitan Area G2 3DZ which was a month to month agreement. I cancelled my direct debit mandate in August but realise now that I should have given 30 days notice to cancel my membership via the online web form. I completed the online webform for cancellation on the 21st of September and so I am now offering to pay £39.98 to cover both August and September monthly fee’s (19.99 for each mont
  13. Hi, joined an Xercise for less gym around a year ago and was paying the peak membership of 19.99 a month with one month notice period. I had actually joined another gym and forgot to cancel the direct debit. I then took cancelling the direct debit would mean that my membership would automatically get cancelled. Recently I received a letter from Harlands saying that my August direct debit had not been received and they are charing me an administration fee of £25.00 which means in total they are saying I need to pay £44.99 to get my account in line. They also said that if
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