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  1. I emailed them, will try call them to see if i can get a quicker response.
  2. So where do i go from here? What is my best course of action?
  3. I have requested all the information you suggested. I was never aware that i had to inform 'creditors' of a change of address. Not on an age old account Do you think its worth a trip to the solicitors? Thanks in advance guys.
  4. The only paperwork i have received at new address is this second notice, i have never been served papers etc. I have plenty of documentation, all past post, proof of change of address etc. I presume they have contacted me at this address as my address updated last month on the electoral roll. Also post was never forwarded. Reasons for not paying back, until last couple years i was unable to afford paying back. Also i was incorrectly told that waiting until the debt was unenforceable was the best thing to do, i believed this was best for my credit history... How wron
  5. Hi ericsbrother, thanks for the response. I think this is whats happened as i have not had any correspondence to this address. The defaults and indeed the CCJ show up on my noddle report. It show the ccj as registered to the old address. Judgment date 20/06/2017 How would i go about getting this overturned? I thought i was getting over this past debt, i have 3 years of solid repayments on multiple accounts and cards etc, now this..... Paying back has never been a problem, the issue is the advise i was given was to allow the debt to become sb before contacting L
  6. Hello, Found myself stuck in a bit of a situation and feel over my head. Have just received a letter from Lowell solicitors in the post titled 'Second notice of county court judgment (ccj) arrears - £150' This is from an old debt from orange dated 2013 or thereabouts. i last received a letter from them in 2015 and have never contacted them in-regards to the debt. The letter starts We wrote to you previously regarding your judgment arrears, but we are yet to receive the payment as required under the terms of your CCJ. As a result you currently have arrears of £150.00 Th
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