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  1. Thank-you for the info - much appreciated. I will do those now and send them off
  2. Hi there, I am hoping someone can help me - I tried unsuccessfully in Sept 2015 with Egg to get PPI back on 3 loan accounts and a credit card. These were taken out in 2004 and ran for many years before I paid them off - I believe early 2010. My reason is a simple one - I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 1992 which is a lifelong chronic disease - I've had many operations and hospital stays/visits over the years, my last visit being as recent as 2 years ago. Certainly on the last loan, it was done on the phone and I was told I couldn't have the loan without taking out the insurance. I was stuck and therefore had to take it. The other applications were online at the time and I believe I never selected this product at all - at that time, these types of things were pointless for me as I couldn't get cover for the one thing I was always ill with. I dragged out the paperwork again last night and have 2 separate rejection letters from them - one relating to the loan accounts and one relating to the credit card - both from Canada Square. There is a glaring error on both which I am hoping will help me resurrect or at least re-submit. Both letters refer to 'my questionnaire' - the issue is I never filled one in - I sent a hand written letter to them with approx 3 or 4 sentences. They asked me to verify identity which was fine and then the next paperwork was we are looking at your case, followed by a rejection letter for both several weeks later. Does anyone think this is worth pursuing with them to re-open on the basis I did not fill in a questionnaire and therefore they did not have the required information to make an informed decision? I am planning on putting a letter together later today saying just that, but would like to post it here later on for advice to see if I have done it right. Any advice or thoughts are truly welcome - I'm so ill at the moment, so any money I can get from anywhere would really help me out. Okay - this is the letter that I have come up with - any advice gratefully received; Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you to request that my original claim reference numbers COM/261626/2015 and COM/071766/2014 are re-opened based on the following information; No questionnaire was ever provided to me to complete. You refer in your letters dated 17th and 21st September 2015 on both claims to ‘your questionnaire’ implying I completed one - which I did not. The information I provided you in my original letter dated July 2015 provided minimal information and as such you would not have had all information required to make an accurate assessment of my case. This would have included the following items being missing from my claim; Employment history and benefits available from those employers - of which I can provide proof. Details of my existing Medical condition - for which I can provide extensive documentation and proof. Your staff member who completed the questionnaire without my knowledge has failed me as a customer. I was not aware of this questionnaire at any point, I have no visibility of the contents of this questionnaire. Since vital information was missing from your assessment or was provided incorrectly by a member of your staff, it has distorted the outcome of your decision and should be reviewed as a matter of urgency. Based on the above information, I am convinced that I have not been treated fairly by your Company in this matter at all. Based on the information above, I insist that these cases are reviewed by a responsible person who can deal with the matter correctly and ascertain all the facts before making any decision. I am willing to provide both a completed questionnaire and further documentation that may be required by yourselves to review this matter accurately. To ensure that this matter is dealt with to my satisfaction, a copy of this letter has been sent to your CEO by signed for post; Mr Andrew Nettleton Citigroup Centre, Canada Square, London E14 5LB
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