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  1. Hello, a week passed and I have zero response from the company. Shall I submit the claim online for damages? Meanwhile I can ask another firm to prepare the doors for me? Thanks
  2. Yes, but I really need the works to be finished and house look normal again. How about the below letter to be sent? On 23 September 2017 details of the quality of the works attempted at the address xxx were emailed to your offices. To date I have not received a suggestion of remedy of the situation. In line with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 Part 1, Chapter 2 , subsection 3 of Goods to be of satisfactory quality states the following: (3)The quality of goods includes their state and condition; and the following aspects (among others) are in appropriate cases aspects of the qu
  3. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/07054798/filing-history this is the company checked with the bank previously but it was a bank wire, so cant return the funds this way. there are 4 doors missing and house damaged, I have 550 due to them
  4. Thanks, I paid a deposit on 21st August. They scheduled works for 21st-23rd September. 22nd September they left never to come back with the doors. I emailed the following day with the images. tried to upload photos but only one appeared.
  5. Hello, I ordered built in wardrobes and some shelves for the existing wardrobes. After 6 weeks two gentlemen appeared and installed some of the items in awful quality, the shelves are not in line, pencil markings everywhere, dents to the existing wardrobes, etc. Along with that they ruined my cream carpets (I moved into a brand new house a 2 months ago! carpets are still in majority covered by the protective plastic layer, but everything around is now grey. In addition they put one of the wardrobes on top of the plastic !), stained the walls and ceil
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