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  1. Thanks for you help I will do just what you said ignore them. I know the problem and why you were confused sorry it was me I wasn’t really clear. 1st- the copies of the LOA I’ve send you it’s not all of them I posted just few. 2nd, the LOA with the writing on it,I made this just to explain to you why they were made invalid.because i don’t have a copy of this ones 3rd, it’s very simple I’ve signed 5 LOA for 5 accounts on the 01/05/18 but they reject them they said invalid 4th,I then signed 5 new LOA FOR 5 accounts on the 20/09/18 and then cancelled it by email on the 01/10/18. I don’t know how to thank you you’re just great guys thanks you
  2. I’ve signed and sent the NEW LOA ON THE 20/09/18 then send the cancellation notice by email on the 01/10/18. The only mistake is the date in written notice I though it clear (date and time)on the screen shot of the email I’ve send you #19. I swear I’m telling you the truth way I fabricat thing what the point. Between 01/5/18 and 01/10/18 everything is in the thread #4 I’ve attached the LOA the cancellation notice to make sure they know I’m cancelling the last LOA AND USE THIS AS EVIDENCE.
  3. Oh no! This is a disaster I made a stupid mistake it should be 01/10/18. But I’ve send an email I’ve attached a copy it was sent the 01/10/18 with all the 5 LOA attached hope this enough to cancel the contract What I did is add credit card with the pen and that invalidate the LOA because it should be one account for each loa credit card or loan not both convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2018-10-09_01-32-08 2.pdf 2.pdf
  4. Yes they told me over the phone and send me 5 LOA one for each account but I’ve add some information with the pen before I’ve signed them and this made all the 5 LOA invalid. And they start chasing me to sign a new ones I did but cancelled it before 14 days
  5. If its valid why they asked me to sign a new one and if the last one is valid why the threatening me with the bailiff
  6. did you see the cancellation notice do you think it doesn’t make a difference
  7. Please find attached a copy of the letter of authority sent to me by email, which i signed on the 01/05/2018 but what they did is, they remove some writing that made this LOA invalid it’s called forgery. Just to clarify that I signed 5 of them all invalid. docs1.pdf
  8. They said The reason the LOA was invalid was that the lenders would not accept, but for them it’s valid therefore the contract was still legally binding. A new LOA was needed for the lenders authority to look into my claim cases further
  9. They’re saying they found 5 account all with Lloyd’s bank 1 credit card and 4 loans eligible for ppi claim and for them to get me money they want me to sign a new LOA because the first one was made invalid. What I did I’ve signed a new one then I’ve cancelled it before 14 days but they refuse to accept it they saying I’m under contract sins I’ve signed the first contract even it’s ivalid. This can’t be right ?
  10. Thanks for your help. The first LOA was the 1/05/18 for Lloyds bank The second LOA WAS THE 20/09/18 Lloyd’s banks because the 1st was invalid
  11. Hi DX100uk, I forgot one important thing, I called Assist FM the CMC and asked them about a copy of the first LOA I’ve signed. they send me a copy by email but they erased what I add with the pen that made this LOA invalid. i quickly emailed them back to say this was a forgery and I will sue them. this was their answer. Dear xxxxxx I can assure you that there has been no forgery made by our company. The original LOA was signed, therefore entering you into the contract with us Assist FM. The reason the LOA was invalid was that the lenders would not accept, not ourselves, therefore our contract was still legally binding. A new LOA was needed for the lenders authority to look into your cases further. I can also assure you that we are not harassing you, we have simply sent your cases to our debt collection agency who will chase your debt owed to ourselves. As things stand, I will no longer be discussing your cases with you. Please consult with DCBL regarding payment of the debt. Assist FM. What do you think about this dose it help. Unfortunately I’ve signed a new LOA and a questionnaire because they join a letter of T&C and after I read it I found a clause clearly saying I can cancel the contract before 14 days without giving a reason. i thought I will get rid of them like this and this contract will invalidate the old contract which is invalid anyway. This was their answer, Dear Xxxxxx Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, as your original contract was signed on 01/05/2018 you are outside of our 14-day cancelation terms. The original cancelation invoices still stand. I have now re-canceled your five cases at a fee of £300.00 = debt due to assist FM £1500.00. I have also reopened your cases with DCBL. Please contact them to make payment of our invoices and their additional fees. Kind regards
  12. Hi guys, Hope you can help me with this please I had a call from assist claim management about ppi claim I gave them some details over the phone they came back to me after a week asking me to sign a letter of authority because they found 5 accounts eligible for ppi claim. i signed the LOA for them in may 2018. in September I came back from holiday I found over 10 letters from them some asking me to sign a questionner and a new LOA AND some of them threatening me with a bailiff or pay à fees of £300 for each account which make a total of £1500. the letters were all sent between 23 July and 10 August I came back home the 3rd of September a week later I received a letter from a bailiff asking for £375 x 5. i called them explained to them what happened they asked me to sign a LOA I said I’ve already signed one they told me it was invalid because I added some stuff with pen on them. i said if it’s invalid why are you threatened me with bailiff and I decided not to sign anything and do the claim my self. they send me new LOA AND A QUESTIONNAIRE to sign and they join a letter of T&C and one of the clause clearly saying I have 14 days to cancel. i did sign a new LOA AND THE QUESTIONNAIRE SEND IT THEN A WEEK LATER I’ve send an email to them to cancel the contract as stated in the T&C. the next day they send me email rejecting the cancellation because I’ve signed a LOA in may even it’s invalid. Today I received a letter from a bailiff again asking me to pay my debts to ACM. Hope I was clear enough if you want more info please ask me. Can you advise me please
  13. Sorry’i Thought I’ve provide all the info,can u tell me what missing please
  14. Sorry the road marking you can see in the photos are from street view pictures they are old if you look at other picture with the yellow taxi the road marking doesn’t exist.
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