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  1. Very wise words! Job hunting is a full time job in itself! Thank you
  2. I could really do with a bit of luck at the moment (just lost my job) so here's hoping!
  3. I don't believe I have ever paid Cabot Financial anything to be honest . I've never made a payment to them or acknowledged any of their letters until now with the CCA request. The only thing I am concerned about is that I was making a nominal payment to be split among several debts until around 2014. Does this give them a leg to stand on if they were among the creditors? I will try and lay my hands on paper work, but we have moved since and I may not have all that I need. I will not be in hiding anymore from Resolve Call though! I will tell them where to go! Thanks so much for your advice.
  4. Thank you so much Renegadeimp, I will do just that.
  5. Hi, Looking for some advice on the attached letter from Cabot Financial please? I have another re the Faith card but is almost identical, but can upload if needed. Their 12 days is up on 01/10/17. I took out a Faith store card (balance £414.42) in 2004 and a British Credit Trust loan (balance £2027.73) in 2004 also. Both defaulted in 2006 and I put them with Consumer credit counselling service (Now Step Change). However, I stopped paying anything to these a long time ago and I don't believe I ever agreed anything with Cabot. Cabot are not showing on my credit file, although it does show that Cabot financial have searched my details in May 2017. Is it likely I am going to need to pay these clowns? They have had Resolve Call coming to my home. I have only managed to increase my credit rating recently so that I have a credit card and don't want these causing me any further issues. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks British Credit Trust Letter.pdf
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