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  1. Thanks. It doesn't seem right though that I only need a month's money to tide me over in the short term, but apparently I have to wait 6/7 weeks to get a first payment, by which time I'd be hopefully paid by my new job and wouldn't need it anyway? I can't believe I've understood it correct. What's a person supposed to do in the meantime? Life of crime? Shoplifting for food? Payday Loans to get in a cycle of debt forever? It just seems odd to me.
  2. Hey Spitfire, you certainly do seem to 'spit fire' but I'm afraid the DWP have a massive bucket of water that will pour all over your fire. Yes, I'm in 100% agreement that it's all unfair. But if you have a quick read of any online UK newspaper comment section (with the exception of the Guardian echo-chamber) you'll quickly realise that no-one really cares if you can't work or contribute to society in some way. My best advice to you is that old Chinese quote - "Before setting out on revenge you must first dig two graves". Really, put all your energy into getting a job. It'll work wonders for your state of mind. Trust me, I've been there.
  3. I've been reading around this forum before posting but I can't find an answer. I think I may be in an unusual position, so any advice specific to me would be great. I need to leave my job next week. Let's just leave it as a 'personality clash' (Manager is a , I'm not! lol) I've found a new job starting 1st November. Great! BUT, I went to the job centre on Friday and my area is trialing UC, and so the first payment I'd get is in 7 weeks from when I leave my job. Obviously I'll be working by then, but won't be paid till 1st December. I have no savings, but have paid a bucketload of tax over the last 25 years and something called 'National Insurance' to 'insure' me against being in a situation like this. But now I'm in need for the first time in about a decade I'm whole outta luck apparently!!! I've suffered with anxiety and depression my whole life but realised that life is better if I connect with other people through work rather than give in to my malaise - even if sometimes that work has been beneath me just to keep self-respect. Anything is better than just locking myself away in a darkened room and spending more hours on a computer than a full-time job would be sat alone at a computer trying to convince the JCP "I'm really sick, I can't even work at a computer, I need ESA", etc, all that bad-back . But I'm tempted to claim if ESA pays faster than the 7 weeks I've been quoted for UC. I only need what's my right having paid in, and only need it for a month to tide me over. Any ideas how best way to go? I'm going to hand in my week's notice tomorrow morning either way.
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