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  1. I have sent off all we can currently muster now and will see what comes back. Thanks for help.
  2. Just frustrated with the whole thing I think. Anyway I have just submitted. Thanks.
  3. Sorry just one more thing. My husband so does not want to have to provide all financial info. What happens if we don't?
  4. Thank you - I have already told them he is away. Many thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for the reply. The fact is my son didn't work only for one day, so the car actually was needed by the day it arrived (2 days after the accident). We did not have another available. The only thing is that I suggested to Admiral that it was an expensive way of getting a hire car but was told quite categorically to use Auxillis. So are you saying we should just tell the solicitor all this now or should we submit our financial statements? I am worried sick over this. Since the accident we have had countless calls from people saying we could get compensation for my son etc. We have ask
  6. Thanks for the reply. There was not another in car in the family that was available for use and we were told by Admiral not to pay for a car ourselves as we would not get the money back. It would have sat on our credit card for sometime.
  7. I am so pleased but also worried sick to find this forum. Briefly, my son was driving my husband's car last year and a third party ran into the side of it resulting in it being written off. It was a classic automatic Mercedes (this may be important). As my son required to travel 50 miles each way to his work location and my husband works in a rural location we required a car asap. We were referrred to Auxilis by Admiral and despite feeling uneasy about it all we agreed to the contract. The following day we were contacted and told that they would deliver a premium automatic car the following
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