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  1. Andy if is not a witness statement any chance of a bit of hepl i dont want to get it wrong. I need to send it tomorow. Thank you
  2. Will i still have to send my W.S to the court and a copy to Moriartry?
  3. Good evening I haven't yet received anything from Moriarty. This is my Witness Statement which i plan to send next week before Friday. Will i need to change anything or will this do? Thank you In The County Court at ..... Court address....... Claim Number ....... Between J.C International Acquisition LLC( claimant) and Andrew ...... ( defendant) Witness Statement of Andrew ...... I Andrew ........ of my address the defendant in this case, make this statement in support of my evidence against the claimant, J.C Acquisition LLC. The matters set out below are within my own k
  4. The court date is 23rd of Feb. By 26rd of Jan each party must deliver to every other party and the court office copies of all documents on which he intends to rely at the hearing. By 19th of Feb the claimant must file and serve a hearing bundle. by which date should i send the witness statement? They don`t have my email address. Thank you
  5. Happy New Year everyone i got my court date, middle of February. I received the notice of allocation. Apart from sending the witness statement to the court and a copy to the claimant is there anything else what i need to do? From reading on similar threads the witness statement is the defence in a different format. Or am I wrong to think this? Thank you
  6. Thank you Andy I have managed to ring the court and explained that I`m still waiting on disclosure. The mediation appointment was canceled and i was advised it will go to court I have read other threads and will carry on reading, however i learn as i go. Do i need to contact Moriartry and ask for the documentation again? Thank you
  7. In their email is stated ``If after reading the above you are still unsure whether or not mediation is suitable, or if you have any other queries,please call the Mediation Team on the number below`` Thank you
  8. I did not expect the phone call and did not realy know what to answer. Reading through other posts i know realize maybe it was not the correct approach. Since this is new to me and probably to a lot of people mistakes will be made. So should i email the court or go ahead with the mediation?
  9. I have got my mediation date and time. Today I have received a call from the court asking if I'm happy to go ahead. The answer was yes. However since Moriartry have failed to send me all the documentation requested in the CPR should I email the court and inform them that the mediation will not be suitable and explain why? Or should I go ahead with the mediation? Thank you Andrew
  10. Bit of an update Couple of weeks ago i have received a notice of proposed location to the small claims track. I have filled the N180 form were i agreed to mediation and send it back to the court and send a copy to Moriarty. Today i received from Moriarty the following letter accompanied by three bills and the notice of assignment ``We would refer to your Defence as originally filed with the Northampton County court business centre, the contents of which have been duly noted. Please find enclosed the relevant documentation pertaining to the above stated case. Our client wi
  11. Im now going to wait for a letter from either the court or Moriarty. I dont think there is anything i can do Thank you
  12. Today i got a letter from Moriarty Law acknowledging the receipt of the Defence filed to the court and confirming that they are proceeding with the claim. So what next? Thank you
  13. This is what I`m about to use as my defence. Is this gone be ok? Particulars of claim The claimants claim is for the balance due under an agreement with Talk Talk Limited dated 25.03.2010 which was assigned to the claimant on the 26.03.2014 and notice of which was given to the defendant on the 26.03.2014 and which is now all due and payable. The defendant agreed to pay monthly installments under account number 100326xxxx but has failed to do so. And the claimant claims the sum of £423.54 The claimant also claims interest thereon pursuant to S.69 county courticon act 1984 limit
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