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  1. Hiya everyone Newbie here. And I wouldn't be here without something that I did as a bit of a lark earlier today. A friend put me up to looking on Trust Online to see if I had any CCJs. Now I didn't think I did, but I went on anyway and found out I have one!!!!! You could have scraped me off the floor with a spatula. I had NO idea about it till today. I've seen no papers, no letters, no forms. Apparently it was issued on May 21 2017, four months ago. Is this a normal thing, not telling people they are even under threat of a CCJ? Do the courts take their time in telling you about them? Really don't think things are going to a former address, as I have lived at my present address for 19 years - no way it could have gone to a place I lived before. What do people suggest I do now? it'as for 2700 quid I can't pay it up front, I haven't had the 14 day breathing space to scrape up funds. There is a possibility that it could be an issue my business was involved in but a) that should have been dealt with in March this year and b) I'm onto my business insurers and the client concerned about said issue. The credit checker (Trust Online) I used did not tell me who was wanting the money or which court it was lodged at (all it said was County Court Business Centre) and that was it. I have looked up the CCBC and the nearest thing i got to it was a place in Northampton ... but I've herd a few dubious report since about this Northampton office. To misquote Harry Potter, never tickle a sleeping dragon... I'm worried that delving into it all and making inquiries might trigger off people chasing me which at this moment i cannot afford. Six months down the line, fine - not right at this moment. I'm not frantic just yet, but I know I might head that way so can anyone give me any helpful advice before I do go off on one!!!??? Many thanks Marie
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