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  1. I do t think Maxxer was saying it was law I needed to give correct details just it added weight to allocations if the details were incorrect. Although what the purpose of deliberately giving false detailes when you are using your own card would be I don’t know. I wish TK maxx would get on with whatever they are going to do to me because this is making me more and more ill.
  2. I have recently moved and I still have cards in my old name. In fact I have 3 names I use depending on if I’m in work or not I haven’t given “dodgy” names. Sometimes the staff don’t ask for name and address they just make it up! I have had to offer my name and address to them but they have already put made up ones in. If I purchase for my Mum then I use her address as o have to submit invoices for records for power of attorney. If the worst comes to the worst I can evidence all of that. I have 2 names I use at work and then the name I use outside of work. All 3 come naturally for me to give. I have 2 work email addresses in 2 names and also various documentation. In terms of the depression, OCD and shopping addiction I am having private treatment for all 3 I shall just have to see what happens now. I am not a dishonest person and if mistakes have been made I have probably financially lost out not won on it so I have done nothing for gain.
  3. Yes Although some may be my old name and address
  4. The problem I have is since the associate told me they were not bothered as long as the pricing pretty much matched up I was not hugely careful with putting the right tags back on so I have no idea how many tags are mixed up. I just tried to put tags on of the right kind of price. That’s why I’m so worried. I didn’t realise it was a big deal because a member of staff told me it wasnt!!
  5. I have read on other threads he has posted on here that the police will come to your house.
  6. Thank you maxxer, I am so worried that this has happened in error before. I’m sure I will be arrested and I’m so terrified I’ll go to prison. How far back will they look. I hadn’t shopped in there for a while. I’m so messed up in my head and so I’ll I don’t know what I’m doing. At least I can expect to be arrested now. I assume if I don’t go in they will send the police to my house?
  7. Im wondering if anyone can help me maybe Maxxer. I took something back to TK Maxx a couple of weeks ago after putting labels back on it. I am a shopaholic (actually diagnosed with OCD) and constantly buy and then hide from my husband so I take the labels off and hang them up like they are not new. I then get buyers remorse and add the labels back on and return them. I must have labeled something up wrong when I took it back as they challenged me on one item and wouldn't return it but did accept the other returns. I suffer from depression and my brain is constantly fuggy and ii just don't really know whats happened. Im sure it could have happened in the past as well because after an associate told me once when I said I wasn't sure if a label was correct that as long as something has roughly the right price and category ticket on it its fine, I haven't been particularly careful. Overnight that night I developed paranoia that other items were labelled incorrectly so returned to the store the next morning to try and buy them back but non of the items were on the shelves. I am so scared after reading threads on here that they are being held for evidence and that they are going to come and arrest me because of something wrong and that they will be going back through all my returns checking them against CCTV and I may have made other mistakes. Would the go back through all my returns? If so how long before they come and arrest me if there is an error? I haven't eaten or slept in 2 weeks worrying about this.
  8. Maxxer if you are found to have mismatching labels once will the security go back through your previous returns? I have done it once in error and it has been picked up but could have done it before as I buy a lot, remove labels and the sometimes reattach and return. Really worried reading this there will be a knock on my door.
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