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  1. @tomtom256 Can you please be a little clearer and explain what you mean thank you.
  2. Just to clarify, I didnt have any savings when i applied for carers allowance, the savings im talking about are from what i would save up in my paypal from sales of my items. i moved £100 that £100 may of taken a couple of weeks to save up, but on my bank statements they will just see i transfared £100 and they could assume i made that £100 in that day.
  3. Thank you for your reply. Thank you for your reply. Ive decided if asked by the person im handing the statements too that the transfares he is seeing are from money that was saved over a long period in my paypal.Im going to assume at some point down the line they will want to see my paypal account to get an acurate read on this.
  4. Hello marner51 This wasnt credit it was Ingame items like Armor/weapons and cosmetic items. These items allow your character to become more powerful or just look kool ingame. Regarding the total amount i made i have no idea. what i would like to know is when i take those statements down on the 28/09/17 should i say anything to them? , for example they will see that £100 transfared to my bank say on monday and another £110 on wednesday, now i didnt make that money in 3 days by selling on Ebay it may of took about 3 weeks as i would save it up in my paypal then transfare it to my bank. Or do i just take them in and say nothing?
  5. Hello tomtom256 Thanks for your reply. The items i was selling are virtual items within sertain game worlds,i will try and explain. The items are rewards for doing sertain things within the game world, you can then send these items to anyone who has the same game via ingame mailbox. I discovered there was people on ebay making money from this so i decided to try it myself. The ebay account is just a normal account.
  6. Hello honeybee13 I didnt realy keep track of the amounts like i realy should of. Some weeks i would make around £40.00 and others i would make around 130.00 The items i sold where virtual digital items and i sold them from £0.99 upto £24.99 because there was so many transactions per month i never kept track of the amounts. I feel realy stupid i wont lie to you. Hello spitfire1964 Thank you for your reply. Ive decided tomorrow i will ring round a couple of solicitors that deal in benefit law and see what advice i can get from them. I will keep this thread updated on this matter from start to finish as i hope it will be helpfull to anyone in a similar situation.
  7. Hello Bazooka Boo I myself came to this amount. I just added up the last two and a half years at £63.00 Hello tomtom256 The first interview was with compliance. Thats where they put it to me that someone had informed on me for selling on Ebay. The next interview is where they want me to bring in 3 Months Statements of which i will comply with, as i want to be honest and cooperative.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to read my problem. For the last two and a half years ive been selling virtual items on ebay whilst claiming DWP. A week ago I was asked to attend an interview at my local Job Centre, of which I did and was told by the interviewer that I had been informed on for making money and not declaring it. I told the interviewer I had indeed been doing that and he asked me to bring 3 months bank statements in next week. I went home that same day and printed off 3 months bank statements and as I did so the realisation hit me that I was in a lot of trouble. The over payment is around £8.200.00 My intensions are to be honest and cooperative from the start, so I will go back to the Job Centre in a few days and hand them the statements. I wont lie to you I am very scared and wish I had never done this, but what I need to know is what should I expect once ive given him those statements?. what will the process be?. Is there anything I need to know or do to make this go better in my favour?. The DWP im claiming is carers allowance for my partner. I have never done anything like this before and its realy playing on my mind.
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