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  1. Yes, in any other business if you forget to invoice a customer you lose the cash. The law is outrageous that you are liable for ground rent before the property was purchased. I can feel a letter to my MP coming on! Certainly I will take up the matter with the solicitor. many thanks for your reply Andy.
  2. Thank you for your replies. The Lease states that the ground rent is yearly from January to December the sum of £150. Ground rent is therefore £75 for each 6 month period. I have received 13 demands for £75 dating back to 1 Jul 2011 and all state that I am required to make payment on 7th October 2017. None are dated but statement is dated 7th September 2017. The statement lists the 13 demands of £75 for each period. For example the first demand is worded as follows: This notice requires you to pay rent of £75 on 7th Oct 2017. This rent is payable in respect
  3. I purchased a Leasehold property on 30 Oct 2014. Since then I have had no demand for ground rent until this morning. I have received 13 x 6 monthly demands for ground rent dating back to July 2011 totalling £975.00. All of the demands are stating that payment is due on 7 October 2017 so there is no suggestion that previous demands have been sent. I have yet to discuss this with the solicitor who undertook the conveyancing. Can anyone tell me the legal position with this?
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