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  1. That doesn't matter now. What can I do?
  2. 30.00 fee £3258 originally Letter from Fairfax 28th June - arrears £2940.64 - but monthly payment made since for £545
  3. We kept up the payment arrangement for the above (50) extra per month. We heard nothing after this date to carry on, naively. but we havent missed any payments since (but havent reduced the arrears either) We have no where to go I tried ringing fairfax but they are not open until tomorrow
  4. Help - Eviction order received today for the 25th July . Letter received from Kensington last week and we sent recorded delivery proposals for the full monthly payments plus an extra 200.. per month. They havent replied today we received letter from Fairfax dated 28 June applying for eviction order. Today also a hand delivered letter from the court for the above eviction date. Is there anything we can do?
  5. So this is less than we have been paying to date. We have been paying £50 extra per WEEK.
  6. Letter received today from Kensington I refer to your recent proposal to pay £50 in addition to your contractual monthly payment, in order to reduce the arrears on your account, currently amounting to xxxx Your proposal has been accepted for a period of 3 months, after which time, we will look to fully review your financial position. The first payment under this temporary arrangement will be in the amount of £596.54 due on the 31/10/17, and subsequent payments of £597.18 due on the last working day of each month thereafter. As we have agreed to a voluntary arrangement , this would be without prejudice to the court order. If you fail to make the payments we will automatically revert back to the original court order and if in default of this , we may instruct our solicitors to enforce the Possession Order. If the arrears on your mortgage acc are equivalent to or over your monthly payment on the last working day of the month, you may incur a £40 monthly arrears fee. The fee can be waived if an acceptable arrangement is agreed. I wonder if this is why we didnt have any fees added this month???) I trust this confirms the current position of your account. I think we can say thats a result
  7. Hmm.. I don't feel like I'm winning anything atm dx ? How come, they can hit me with any thing really.. they see have the upper hand
  8. Quick update - Kensington sent out the field agent (AGAIN).. we were both in work and charged us again. Letter received from Kensington saying following our telephone conversation (what telephone conversation... I can only assume they mean the budget sheet and covering letter), we are looking into your complaints and will get back to you. Also letter received from drydens fairfax, thank you for your letter dated 21/9/17 of which the contents have been noted and we have referred your payment proposal to our client and are awaiting their instructions. Also received a mortgage statement that looks different - for the first time they havent applied any fees. The deadline date for when the order became enforceable was yesterday.. I am terrified of what is going to happen now?
  9. I understand DX but keeping my house is my priority at the mo
  10. They sent a field agent a few weeks ago, which we didnt ask for, or answer the door to, and they charged us, without the £40 arrears fee every month
  11. Also, yes its a joint mortgage and our child (17) lives with us but he is not financially dependent.
  12. Thank you so much Ell-enn, I will work on this tonight. Just an update we have received the following letter today from Kensington today:- We obtained a Straight Order for Possession Hearing on 11th Sept and note that you did not attend. This order becomes enforceable on the 9th Oct at which time we will apply for an Eviction date. Repossession is not a step that is taken lightly and it may be possible even at this last stage to reach a mutually acceptable agreement that will allow you to remain in your home. In view of the circumstances, we believe it would be beneficial for an independent field representative to visit your home. The field representative will review your financial position to help to assess your affordability to maintain your mortgage payments and clear the arrears over a reasonable period of time. Please note a field representative in unable to provide any financial advice. The service carries a fee of £96 that will be debited to your mortgage acc and this fee will attract interest until such time as it has been paid. If you do not wish to take advantage of this service please inform us within 5 working days on the above telephone number an you will not incur a fee. However, if you don not contact us within this period a cancellation fee of £60 may apply. Failure to reach an acceptable agreement will result in an Eviction date being scheduled and you will be expected to leave the property by that date. If you do not leave the property by that date a Bailiff will attend and evict you from the property. If you have not done so already, we suggest you make early contact with the housing dept within your local authority to establish where you are eligible for local authority housing of the property is repossessed. Should you wish to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to contact us on the above number.
  13. Thank you Eric, I have an interest only mortgage, so nothing will come off the capital? I will get the letter off tomorrow I hate this company so much.. a few years ago we had compensation from the local authority for double glazing because a new bypass passed our property, but because they were in arrears with our mortgage, Kensington wouldn't authorise it, they wanted us to pay it off the mortgage
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