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  1. It's not so bad then. 1250L is the standard tax code, and means he can earn £12500 pounds without paying tax, and then just pay tax on anything he earns over that amount. Due to technically being out of work, and claiming UC, and now going back to work, the code is saying that he will pay tax on anything earned over £6500 pounds now, but it is under review and should change within the next 8-12 weeks, and if he has overpaid in the meantime, then it will be refunded via his paycheck. The only reason for this is I am assuming that while shielding, his company did not kee
  2. Is the 1250BR his code from before shielding? Before shielding, the tax code would have been 1250 as this is the personal amount allowed to earn before tax. It should then have been followed by a single letter. The BR at the end means it is an emergency tax code, and that you receive no PFA, this is usual if you have more than one source of income. This code means that all the earnings from this income will be taxed. The 605T code is a temporary code, and shows that your tax is still being reviewed. The changes in codes is due to the change in circumst
  3. From what I can recall, the first 3 days are unpaid with SSP. So you would only get paid for remaining days. If you are rota'd in to work for more than 3 days a week (regardless of contract) then I believe that you should get paid for them, but it is not compulsory, and they could only pay you for your contracted hours instead. So if you were rota'd for 10 days you should get paid for 7 days, but if you are contracted for 6 days you would only get paid for 3. Then Tax and NI still get's taken off that amount. Also to get SSP you have to earn over £118 per week, and the amount payable
  4. I realise. I had no problem with paying the DCA as these were accounts that I was aware of, and knew that I had defaulted on, and I had agreed managable payment plans for each account. All of my dealings with them have been online, and email, very rarely by phone as I don't trust spoken conversations and can't be bothered to buy and setup recording equipment to record my calls. My problem arises with this sole account, that appears to come from a Solicitor firm, even though it is the same firm, with the same address. And the fact that it went to court without me
  5. Last moved 7 years ago, but all of the agreements that I was dealing with were all accounted for, regardless of address For instance I had accounts with JD Williams, SimplyBe and Very. All 3 of these I know about and are dealing with However the account that has gone to court I have been informed is for SimplyBe, which never showed up on the debt collection website as a second account so I was never aware of any outstanding payments so was unable to come to an agreement prior to the letter from the solicitor. I believe that we did have two seperate accounts for this ca
  6. Can anyone advise... I have been with Lowells for a couple of years at least. On their website I could see all the accounts that they hold and I have arrangements in place for each of them. Earlier this year, I received a letter form Lowells solicitors regarding another account that they say had gone unpaid and Lowells had passed it on to them... I queried this account, as it had never shown up on the Lowell site previously, so I was unaware of it, and thought it might be a duplicate account, as I knew how many catalogue accounts I had held, and they all a
  7. I joined train2game in 2015, I was working on an 8 hour contract at the time so money was very tight, but I saw this as a way to get a better job, was told very heavily how much they were Tiga accredited by the salesperson, over the last couple of years, I have had financial problems which resulted in my training being locked until payments were back up to date, this in turn reduced the 3 years time line...I have had a long period of not doing any training because my financial problems were resulting in me facing eviction. My agreement with the finance division has been passed to a debt coll
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