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  1. Thank you for your reply I did indeed sum this up and used MCOL. But they have submitted a defence, saying they are not liable etc. I just wondered if its worth pursuing? Should i pay up another £170 quid for a hearing if i have no chance of winning? I can prove so much, ie that they didnt inform me of the concerts until after i had paid in full and couldnt cancel, and that they knew of the concerts at the time of booking. I can prove that they knew of the bike theft problem and didn't highlight this, and can prove that putting bikes in the kitchen is a dangerous solution
  2. Hi This is my first post so please forgive me if its in the wrong place or irrelevant !! I have had a holiday and reason for complaint as it was not what it said it was... there are two issues that i have summarised below. The holiday company, forest holidays, dont want to know about my complaint and say they will defend any court action, so i would like to ask what do people think ? do i have a reasonable chance of winning a case against them? Details of claim - Part one of claim – Noise and disruption 1. The defendant made the following statements on the forest holidays websit
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