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  1. I was hoping you'd say that. So it comes across like they're hoping I'll still give in and pay something rather than risk court. I have bugger all to give them right now anyway so I'm hoping this is them beginning to fold sending a begging letter.
  2. When I log in and check it's still just sat there the same as it was before. The last thing on the history is listed as my defence being received on 19/10/2017. This is from the transactions box... A claim was issued against you on 20/09/2017 Your acknowledgment of service was submitted on 02/10/2017 at 13:18:31 Your acknowledgment of service was received on 02/10/2017 at 14:01:45 Your defence was submitted on 19/10/2017 at 11:49:50 Your defence was received on 19/10/2017 at 14:01:48
  3. I don't actually know. The last I hard was back in November sometime. The court wrote to me to say they had received my defence and would inform the client. Restons then wrote to say why am I even defending as I'm bound to lose etc etc. Then heard nothing for over 2 months until this Restons letter. Should I try and log in to the site which I filed my defence on?
  4. It just says upload of file failed. I don't know if it's saved properly as when I try opening the pdf it says something is keeping this file from opening too. I'm sure I've done it the same way as last time though.
  5. I've heard nothing since I last posted (over 2 months I think now) a letter appeared yesterday from Restons again. Seems like they're flapping about paying the court costs and so hoping I'll bite on them offering me a reduction. They also say I can still offer to pay in instalments and have until March 2nd to respond. If I wish to do neither then they'll still look to take it to court. I've added the letter in here for everyone to see. Am I right in thinking (or hoping) that they're on the verge of folding and are scrambling in the hope I'll pay something be
  6. The Restons letter? Hopefully it works this time.... reston letter.pdf
  7. Thanks dx. just file it in the bin and completely ignore them then?
  8. Thanks for the info there. I have just found a lovely letter from Restons. Felt the feeling of doom as I noticed the address on the envelope. The letter is saying they see I have filed a defence to the court where I state that I haven't been provided with a copy of the agreement with EE. It says I acknowledge I had an account with EE so I will have been provided a copy of the agreement by them (even though it was in 2008!) so they fail to see why I would need to inspect a further copy of this. It then says I will have had access to bills during the lifetime of my account with t
  9. Just to update you on what's happening. I received a letter from the court days after submitting my defence acknowledging that my defence has been filed. It says they will let Restons know and await their response which is the standard routine here no doubt. The only thing I will add is that I've also received a phone book sized package from EE with all the details in that I requested, old bills etc. It now seems as though in 2014 they were sending bills which my girlfriend at the time was obviously intercepting as I've never seen these with the figures going up and up and up
  10. I have filed my defence now. Will wait to see what happens next. Thankyou both for all your help up to now. Keeping my fingers crossed they get cold feet before it gets any further but we'll see I guess.
  11. I can see where it's been worded removing that part now, thankyou.
  12. I'm going to submit this today before the deadline tomorrow. It's the 4th point I'm still struggling with, I'm happy with the rest. See I want to leave the a, b and c points in as they still fit but I'm unsure seeing as I had that brief spell of letters and calls from Cabot in August. I feel like I can't say they didn't try to contact me at all before going for a CCJ with that happening, even though I didn't hear anything for years up until then and all the rest is hazy. Thinking back, it wasn't even EE that I first started with as it was T-Mobile at first I think,
  13. Thanks Andy that looks much better. In regards to number 4, can I say that with me getting letters from Cabot in the last month or so before I got the Restons court threat can I really say that I had no contact from them before this claim? It doesn't really fit but I don't know if I'm best just removing that altogether and going with the rest or not. I had no contact for years (although I have a feeling letters could have gone from EE and then Cabot before to an old address, just I have no way of knowing now) but did start getting letters about a debt of £758 from Cabot
  14. So I have until Friday to send my defence. I'm still pretty overwhelmed by all of this stuff at this stage but after looking through I'm hoping this is the wording that best fits my situation based on other threads...Please bare with me if I've missed anything or this needs much work. Particulars of Claim. The claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant(s) under a contract between the Defendant(s) and Everything Everywhere dated on or about Jun 23 2008 and assigned to the Claimant on Aug 26 2016 What is the value of the claim £758.05 Defence 1
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