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  1. And by returning to the UK, you mean to live/work etc, and not just to visit, right?
  2. OK. I mean, they already know I'm abroad (they send letters here and call me too). Would I still need to write to them to remind them of that fact, or simply to say I have zero intention of returning to the UK?
  3. OK thanks! I'll do that. The six-year period has to be uninterrupted, right?
  4. Thanks for replying! Well, there was a period where I stopped deferring and didn't pay anything at all, but I can't remember how long that lasted. I guess I could contact the SLC or Thesis to find out via an SAR. will the fact that I deferred, paid some, then stopped completely (until last week) count if the period of me not paying or deferring was six years? Or will me deferring and then paying some simply mean that the loan is not statute barred anymore? I travel to the UK once a year but yes, I doubt they'd chase me where I am!
  5. Hi, everyone! I'm new here so apologies if I have or if this has been answered before somewhere! I had three student loans in 1995, 1997 and 1998. I deferred paying them for years on end up to around 2010 when I moved abroad and my salary meant I could no longer do so. However, I didn't pay the full amount they required because of my circumstances and eventually stopped paying altogether. After being sent umpteen letters for Thesis and now Link Financial / Capquest, I agreed to pay around 20 quid a month to each. I then stumbled upon this website and read something about my loans being statute barred and the fact that I might not owe anything now as there was more than a six year period where nothing was paid. Can someone just clarify this for me? If I deferred for over six years are my loans considered statue barred or not? Thanks!
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