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  1. Hey hey. Just had final letter from Harlands thanking me for the cheque that has been receipted onto my account. They also confirmed the agreement is now closed with no further payments due. All is well Thanks for all of your help! Luke
  2. Hi Slick, Yes I was a little unsure of their wording with this I'll just send them a cheque with a covering letter and ignore anything else from there on after. Will let you know. Thanks again chaps.
  3. Hi Hi Sent that letter last week and they have responded: Further to your recent letter to our offices. Harlands can confirm that the amount to be made for your final payment is for the month of £24.99. Please forward this to Harlands, either via postal order or cheque or contact our helpline and make a payment over the telephone. We hope you find this to be in order. Yours Sincerely, Harlands I'm happy to simply send them a cheque with a letter confirming the matter is settled. Or would you suggest writing asking for details to send them a bank transfer? A
  4. Hi guys. Thanks for the link I'll send that off and if it's not accepted I'll happily keep tossing their letters in the bin! Do you reckon it's worth getting a doctors note as well just in case? Thanks again!
  5. Good afternoon. At the end of last month around the August bank holiday weekend (2017) I decided to cancel my direct debit to Fit4Less because of an upcoming medical condition. On the same day I sent a message to my local Fit4Less on their website contact page saying I would no longer be able to attend and so I have cancelled my direct debit. I had no response. on September the 4th i receive a letter from Harlands saying: Dear MR ***, re: Your membership to Fit4Less We are writing with regards to your membership for Fit4Less as we have been advised
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