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  1. Great stuff thank you. I will look it up and be in touch with Derbyshire. Will update on here as and when I find out more.
  2. Thanks very much for the update, have you had any luck with the case so far or are they looking into it? As I said earlier, we could do with all people knowing this information but as there are so many threads it is difficult to know how many people are in the same position. Maybe post that 'post' on all related threads so police can get as much info as possible?
  3. Hi, sorry I've only just seen your post. Yes, my car was returned back on Monday 11th September. The car was a wreck (seemingly much more than when it had been collected) most of my stuff I had bought for the car and dropped off (in the months leading up to my wedding in November 2016 when the car was supposed to be ready for - another story) were inside the car, in boxes. I had also bought new carpets and underlayer for the car too, these were nowhere to be seen. I called Chris and spoke to him the day after and he said he would have a look for them but thats the last I heard from him. Phone goes to 'invalid number' now so i'm guessing he's gone properly AWOL and changed numbers. Is your car still at the unit?
  4. May I ask how there is no need for any kind of group? Strength in numbers etc etc
  5. I agree, multiple threads of different issues makes knowing just how many people are in our situation very difficult. As an update to my car, I had it dropped off by NWMC and the "business is being taken over by the receivers who will be in touch with me" (that was after my last phone call last week).
  6. apologies, it was not my intention to spam. That was my first post to introduce and let the other members of this thread know that one more person is in the same situation.
  7. Hi all, Same situation here too. Im trying to get my posts up as I've only just joined so will PM one of you as soon as I have enough so we can get in contact.
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