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  1. Ignore ignore ignore. I know one muppet that engaged them and paid He is still barred from uae and debt is still outstanding. If they come to your house say you’re not there. If they send letters, return them as not at this address. Do not ever engage them. They are a bunch of crooks. If an unknown number calls answer but don’t give your name, ask who is calling. when they ask for you tell them wrong number. DO NOT ENGAGE!!!!!! Sooner or later they give up.... as long as you ignore them
  2. I moved overseas. Have found the best thing to do is never respond or engage them. Nothing they can do. It seems people who engage them get fleeced. IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE
  3. Hi MoSalah, thanks for the updates, keep em coming
  4. I don't intend on ever going back to the Mid East or ever going through it in transit. I feel I'm best to not respond or communicate with them at all. If they file a ccj I will defend stating I'm overseas. I will continue to pay my uk creditors always. I always service realistic debts but the UAE ones are not warranted and are covered by insurance by UAE employers and banks. The whole country there is in debt and the legal system is corrupt, it's who knows the higher person or sheikh. For them to take me to court they would have to provide the original signed papers, and considering I never signed anything and a friend signed for me in a pub claiming to be me., I fail to see how this could ever come about. It gives you an insight into the absolute joke of a country it is and how shoddy their banking practices are.
  5. Thanks dc100uk, I've ignored emails and their credit searches before. I've got nothing here so I don't see how they would bother with the costs to make me bankrupt when they would get nothing in return.
  6. Thanks dx100uk, I'm new to this and didn't know how it worked. Any advice from anyone would be welcome.
  7. Thanks uncle Bulgaria, yeah I've got loads of debt on paper here and no assets what so ever. If they went after me they would be so far down the line. I left uae in 2013. I have moved and address not up to date, I'm also leaving my job in 2 weeks. Going travelling then not sure whether I'll come back or not, if I do I still won't be registered at any address in uk. As far as I can see it will cost them to take me to court and only for them to get nothing. I have multiple passports and am happy to go overseas and work again so they will get nothing. Also I fail to see how they would have the original paperwork from the UAE.����������
  8. Hi guys, got an email a while ago from IDRWW, (wrong fca reference number on it) after a search it reveals its coyle white Devine trading under a different name. they say they have my email address, and say they will say will use it for correspondance. I left uae with debts, I won't go into the sob story but they're asking for circa £60k (way more than I would owe) I've got no assets, about to leave my job, no longer at old address given to them in Mid East years ago and I owe in uk £27k in loans and £5k on credit card. I pay all of these normally and I'm fine, but on paper am skint. Am I right in guessing that they have no idea where I'm living and can't get in touch with me and a credit check reveals it's not even worth persuing me in court? Any help would be greatly appreciated, oh and I'm going out the country in 2 weeks so surely they can't do anything while I'm out the country?
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