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  1. hi, I received a letter from wardhadaway law firm , i know you said if i got any letters from a uk solicitor then come back for advice, im wondering if this company is a solicitor that they have passed over to. the letter states they have been consulted re the debt which has now gone up by £3000. saying that unless i pay the full amount to them by 18th the client will have no alternative but to consider commencing legal proceedings against me. then goes on about court cost will then be incurred and interest of 8% from when the debt become due. Does this sound
  2. Checked this company they seem legit law firm. How will i know if it ever goes to court? Confused as well as in USD but debt is in kuwait which is Dinars x
  3. I havent heard anything since last on re the kuwait debt then got a letter today from ward hahaway law firm. Saying i have to pay by 10am 18jul or they will consider legal proceedings against me. Im so worried now does this mean that i have to pay now as law firm involved and the money they are asking is ridiculous does anyone know what kind of lawer i can speak to or someone that can help if it goes to court
  4. Haha i think i am its hard not knowing your rights more straight forward if uk. But thank you for your advise it has helped a great deal and for me to get a better understanding I have never had anything like this in my life. Im angry as i had to flee kuwait as our family wasnt safe and i tried my hardest when home to sort it out. Then all of a sudden debt seems to have doubled and the threats
  5. Thank you for your advise its hard because everyone i call about help cant help or advise as its Kuwaiti debt. So want to know my right and if what they are doing is right. They added insterest and in kuwait you dont pay interest. Suppose just have to hope they dont come knocking and see if i get a court letter.
  6. Thank you for your reply very helpful. So worse case its goes to court if i do a payment plan is it still foreign debt or does it become uk and will it effect things like re mortgage etc. I have been reading the whole thing but everyone said they are just letter they cant do anything. But im asking where i stand if they do and who in fact are these people and why it was coverted from usd when it kuwait debt which isnt dollar. They seem very persistant every week a letter and now saying they will knock on my door and keep making regualar attempts until contact is made where do i s
  7. Stressing out now cli sent another letter the first 3 have been second class this one was signed for didnt sign for it but managed to read it. It says they will be coming to my house to retrieve the debt or grt my finances then if i dont answer they will keep trying then court. Can someone please help i have tried so many places for advise but cant help as international debt. The debt is kuwait also but the letters was usd converted to pound but in kuwait its dinar. Also no postal service over there. Its stressing me out i need to know can a kuwait de
  8. Hi Was wondering if you have heard anymore did they come round any more letters or court proceedings. I recieved signed for letter today but never signed for it but managed to read it it said they are coming round to retrieve the debt or grt my finances.
  9. I looked on their site for the letters you have to choose the country kuwait isnt even on there god knows who they have done it. Might explain why the amount they say i owe was converted from USD and not Kuwaiti dinar there is no postal system in kuwait seems they may be going through someone else as well
  10. Got another letter today they are very persistent. Saying final notice they have checked cosumer data base and confirn i live here. Saying they will inform their client i have not taken the opportunity to resolve this amicably. And for them to take further action. Then saying for me to make a repayment proposal .
  11. Just received a second letter now with final demand. Saying refer to previous request of payment and note they have not heard from me. We have explained why you should not ignore. Then saying to contact by letter email telephone. We will listen and work together to try and find a solution to avoid the consequences of further action being taken. Should i also ignore this letter . I dread every time the postman comes now.
  12. Thank you for your advice im so worried. I dont want them coming round my house or it ending up in court. And thats the trouble with kuwait there isnt a law they make it up day by day. I dont have any paperwork for the loan either as they dont provide it. I was wondering can they sell the debt to uk company then it becomes uk debt and also kuwait do not have a postal service so take it thats why they are going through this company they are more like am agent?
  13. Wonder if anyone can give me advice i also received a letter from cli said formal debt recovery notification says we are international debt collectors and have been appointed to recover your debt and i have 7 days to pay it in full they are saying i owe 29033.14 its a debt from kuwait i lived there 2 years ago my brother was falsely imprisoned we managed to get him out but feared for our lives so had to leave when i got home i made many attempts for months to get hold of the bank to arrange something as little english i didnt get anywhere and gave up t
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