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  1. On my hearing, I pleaded guilty. The judge gave me conditional discharge for 12 months. Now I am very concerned about my name being on criminal record register for one year how am I meant to get a job when I have criminal record?
  2. Thanks a lot! I will more careful from now on.
  3. I already have paid back every single penny soon after Interview under caution. All I am worried about is the criminal record will become an obstacle in getting a job.
  4. Civil Engineering. I have finished my degree this June with upper s2nd class 2:1
  5. Thank you so much for your advice. Also, I do not hold British citizenship but I have Indefinite Leave to Remain. In future when I apply for Nationality would I be rejected by Home office because I committed fraud?
  6. Yes, unfortunately, I knowingly gave false information to gain benefit. as I was struggling financially.
  7. Thank you, I checked if I could get Legal aid, I do not qualify for legal aid. I'll ask duty solicitor on the day of hearing if I could get any help. No, I did not talk to CAB yet but I am trying to arrange an appointment with local community law centre.
  8. Yes, I unfortunately knowingly said 'NO' to the question if I was a student at that time because I was financially struggling to cope with rent and everything else.
  9. No unfortunately I did not admit the offence at the IUC. As I was very scared of telling them the truth. However, immediately after receiving the letter from DWP for the IUC I told Council that I am full-time student then council had stopped my benefits and asked me to return every single penny they had paid me in HB.
  10. I am appearing on 18th September. I am not sure how does legal aid work.
  11. I am from England. I have not taken any advice yet
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