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  1. Yeah I'm pretty sure I did, I can't remember exactly when though, sure I'd still have it as keep most things. Perfect home are the owner.
  2. Thank you for all that, really helpful. Yeah I think it's just to help us both get a slightly better rate to be honest, don't think it's a deal breaker. Yeah I think that's them, spoke to them a few weeks ago and just referred me back to perfect home so a dead end there. I'll just leave it as is, the last thing I want is to push perfect home too much and they just retroactivity put on the on the default marker, if they were gonna do it I'm sure they would have by now.
  3. So where does that leave me? Is there anyway of rectifying what it shows on the credit file past what I've already done.
  4. Counts up to five month by month then just stops at five. Fifteen fives up to April this year.
  5. I know this. I phoned them, I was happy to pay it. End of April. Yeah I have it in writing that it is settled. It is I agree, but there's absolutely nothing stopping that being changed to a default surely? They should have done it over a year ago, would paying it now make any difference? If not it's not a big deal, wasn't much. Just thought paying it might be a bit of a preventive measure should they notice that it is listed incorrectly.
  6. I'm sure your just trying to help but your assuming I've just went and taken out another item, I had them both at the time, I don't need any education on how terrible these company's are IMFS bought the debt from JC international or whatever they are called.
  7. They are completely different items, the one I mentioned previously is paid in full so i may have vanished but they are unrelated Well it's one less potential default, the summery line says late payment, it keeps ticking over month by month. I gave them full copies.
  8. not sure what spoofing DCA fleeced me means exactly? I'm not suggesting it should remove the marker but clearly it's listed incorrectly on my file. That's what I'm looking to rectify.
  9. Hey guys hopefully someone can help me. I'm currently going through the process just now of trying to get a mortgage (very early stages) my mortgage advisor pointed out that perfect home had not logged a default on my credit file but instead had it marked down as a late payment, it's been like this for 14 months now, she advised maybe we could catch it before the mistake is realised and obviously knock it off. I contacted perfect home who advised the debt had been sold to JCI accusation, who then sold it to imfs, imfs offered me 50% off the settlement a
  10. Hey guys hoping you can help. Perfect home causing me no end of problems. firstly I changed address two months ago, emailed perfect home (still have the email) and got no response, I got a really angry call from my dad today saying perfect home had been at my door. My current balance is £21.22 outstanding. The man drove all the way from Glasgow so a 100 mile round trip for £20. It's caused no end of grief with my parents as I've had debt problems previously and actually managed to get on top of most of it, but now obviously they doubt my honesty which is rea
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